Thursday, January 25, 2007

Heroes: Kring Speaketh

In a press release about TV Guide's Heroes cover story next week, creator Tim Kring talks about Monday's episode and, per usual for a showrunner, drops tiny, tantalizing hints about what's to come. He mentions how season 2 will have a lot about Hiro's family, jumping off from Monday's episode with George Takei as Hiro's dad. And if you're not ready for Takei, you need to watch his appearance on The Daily Show last week (go here and look for "Faux Klingons"). It will make you ready. Kring also has more tidbits: new high-tech hero! Claire's dad is someone we know! But more importantly - someone will die during February sweeps! A regular, no less! Now that Heroes has a regular character death on the table, how will 24, the granddaddy of blithely killing people off, respond? They may have to raise them two regulars and a nuked city.

And in other Heroes/TV Guide news, check out this interview with James Kyson Lee (Ando). I think he's got some good ideas about possible superpowers. I suggest they take him on as a writer.


Dylan Borgman said...

Jack Bauer: I'll see your nuked city and two regulars and I'll add on top torturing to death my only brother and having sex with his wife.