Friday, January 19, 2007

Ugly Betty: Romijn Event

A bit of Ugly Betty news before we get into it: In case you haven't heard, Tim Gunn, America's fashion sensei, the foxiest of all silver foxes (sorry, Anderson, but I have to believe that you love him too), will guest star on two episodes during February sweeps. Why am I telling you this? First, because Tim Gunn is awesome, and second, because this week's episode was, coincidentally, all about "are you in or out?" Bandage Lady has finally decided that it's go time on the Mode coup, so Wilhelmina is trying to decide who will be auf'd when she takes over, and Amanda, among others, is on the out list. Marc tries to save his gal pal, which means a lot of Marc and Amanda – never a bad thing. Especially when it involves secret bird codes and Marc briefly turning Amanda evil. So why isn't Michael Urie part of the main cast? Why is he still listed as a guest star? Give him the respect he deserves, producers!

Remember how Daniel was missing last week? Apparently nobody thought to look in his apartment, because he was there. Betty drags him out, gets her job back (to complete last week's reset), and then has the great idea to set him up with a supermodel – but Evil Amanda cancels the date. Betty arrives to save face for the cameras, and the two of them spend a night on the town together, played out over an adorable series of scenes: Betty and Daniel get pizza, Betty and Daniel sing "I Got You Babe," and, best of all, Daniel encourages Betty to go after Henry. I always knew you were on our side, Daniel! From the beginning of the show, I thought that the Betty/Daniel partnership had a lot of potential, and it was realized this week. Betty's cute trying to shake him out of his funk, and Daniel finally takes a serious interest in Betty's life. Of course, it's nice just to see someone champion Henry's cause, Hilda. (Speaking of Hilda, if you want an approximation of her subplot this week, just play this game.)

And there's finally a serious advancement in the Bandage Lady subplot, because her bandages are removed, revealing – Rebecca Romijn! Who is playing Alexis Meade! Formerly Alex Meade! Daniel's non-dead brother! I know! Damn, I'm going to have to start paying attention to this storyline. Things seem to be happening in it.


Liz said...

OMG WFT HOLY CRAP! When she was all "I'm Alexis Meade" I actually think I yelled "WHAT?!" out loud. I thought it was a given that bandage lady was Fay, so much so that I thought they had actually acknowledged it out loud! Best twist EVER! I love this show!

brenda said...

Yeah, that was awesome! This should revise Daniel's opinion of his saintly older brother.

I love that they are letting Daniel & Betty be friends. They are cute together, but only as buddies.

Gotta admit, I loved having Evil Amanda back, even for a short while.

jessica said...

I also was convinced that bandage lady was Fey. So now where is Fey, since we learned a few episodes ago that her crypt was empty?

I loved the Daniel & Betty night on the town. I was especially glad that they didn't turn it into something romantic, and that Daniel told Betty to give Henry another chance! Hopefully we'll be seeing some more Henry soon.