Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Studio 60: The Less-Than-Immaculate Conception

Sweet, sweet vindication. That's what I felt last night when Danny finally confessed to Jordan that he's sorta maybe falling in love with her. Unfortunately, he did it when Jordan's "eating for two" mouth was full of sandwich, so she didn't get a chance to respond other than to stare blankly. Yes, in case you hadn't guessed it yet, I've secretly been a crew member on the Danny/Jordan ship since the show began. Shut up.

I am, however, totally against the Matt/Harriet bore-fest. Thus, I will only say that the "two soul mates find each other at Christmas" crap amounted to Matt kissing Harriet out of jealousy. 'Tis the season to cruelly confuse your ex right before she goes on the air, causing her to blurt out your name instead of her own when she introduces herself! Ah, Christmas.

Jack is endearing himself to me more and more as he struggles with being a network president while trying to have some sort of integrity. Best of luck, Jack. And let me know how that fight with the FCC goes. Not endearing themselves to me this week were Tom and Simon as they fought over Lucy and crapped all over Christmas. Um, guys? Santa and his reindeer ("Dunder," my ass) can carry all those presents because they're magic. Duh!

Oh, and for the curious, those really were New Orleans musicians performing on the show last night. Let's not forget that although Katrina isn't in the news much anymore, the survivors still need our help. The musicians were Troy "Trombone Shorty" Andrews, Kirk Joseph, Kid Merv, Roderick Paulin, Bob French, Steve Walker and Frederick Shepherd, all of whom have benefited from the Tipitina's Foundation.

On the whole, I'd have to say best episode yet, or close to it. Also, best sketch yet (Santa being busted by Dateline's Chris Hansen in "To Catch a Predator"). Way to hit your stride, Sorkin!


Lori said...

I agree that the Santa sketch was an actually funny sketch, so clearly Mark McKinney is doing his job right. And yeah, I can't really care about the Matt/Harriet relationship when he acts like a child and she acts like a clueless idiot. Although I was stunned that they actually did kiss, because whenever commercials show characters going in for a kiss, it's always a fake-out. Way to fake-out the fake-out, NBC promo monkeys.

brenda said...

Yes, I must agree this was the best episode to date, mostly because of the Danny/Jordan scenes. I think they're cute together. I also liked Jack & his dilemma. He's beginning to become a fully formed character. The New Orleans tribute was nice, but (in true Sorkin style) a bit heavy handed.

Matt/Harriet, Tom/Simon/Lucy, & dissing Christmas? Big yawn.

Liz said...

Yes, big ups to Mark McKinney all around, and to Danny and Jordan for being fun to watch.

I didn't mind the New Orleans tribute's heavy-handedness because (aside from the fact that I genuinely enjoyed the music) I feel like much of the rest of the media has decided that Katrina is done with, instead of addressing the fact that most displaced people are STILL displaced, so it was nice to see that someone's still thinking about them.

And yeah, why the hell were Tom and Simon so unentertaining this week? Not cool! Also unentertaining: Matt's assistant. Doing laundry in the office?! Oh, my! BOOORING.