Tuesday, April 17, 2007

24: Why Don't You Just Stay Rogue, Already?

Okay, I'm starting to see how this part of the season follows from the rest. Not that I think that the writers had the Audrey storyline planned all along, or even as far as a few episodes ahead, when they realized that Kim Raver was going to be free, but they're doing well keeping the elements from the first part of the season alive in the next. The Chinese are after components from the nukes, and Doyle, who was introduced as a sort of Jack Mark II, now ends up as his adversary. This is not to say that 24 is done ripping itself off, because Jack goes rogue again – twice – in order to comply with Cheng's demands, and he recruits Chloe to help him. Chloe's not too into the idea of giving the Chinese sensitive technology, concerned that it will create an international incident "big time." And when Chloe is worried about causing an awkward situation, you may need to reevaluate your plan. No worries, though; Jack plans on blowing up the chip before the Chinese can have it, blowing up himself, if necessary, in the process. But how does he get the chip if the nukes are under military guard? Easy – he hollers at the guards until they give in. No one can stand against the power of his holler.

So it's not the end of the season yet, and he's not dead yet, but I'm giving myself partial credit for calling Wayne's collapse, because the nuclear threat is over and he's pretty much gone for the rest of the season. So now Vice President Daniels is in charge, along with his minion (whose name is Lisa Miller, and if that's not a NewsRadio shout-out, I'm going to pretend it is anyway, because there are frankly not enough NewsRadio shout-outs). The second thing Daniels does, after getting his taunt on, all, "Way to go, Karen, you totally killed the president," is to call off Jack's operation, causing him to go rogue for the second time.

Hilariously, when Jack does so, abandoning Doyle on the side of the road, Doyle yells, "You can't go against the White House!" Tell that to Logan, Doyle. Assuming you can find him, of course, and assuming even more that he's not dead when you find him.