Monday, April 09, 2007

The Amazing Race: Boys, Please Don't Fight!

Even though I was only introduced to them with this season, it's still extremely upsetting to watch Oswald and Danny snap at each other, as they do in this episode, because almost all I've ever seen out of them, especially with each other, is sweetness and humor. Seeing them fight is like seeing Turk and J.D. get into a fist fight. (Except not quite as Li'l Brudder-type sad as that would be.) Oswald and Danny fight over which Detour is faster, and Danny insists that the licorice needle in a cookie haystack Detour is faster than the batik Detour. Danny is wrong. So very, very wrong. Then, an already upset Danny is forced to do the Roadblock because Oswald doesn't like bicycles. I guess he had some bicycle-related trauma when he was young? Like, his grandmother was attacked by a roving gang of bicycles? Anyway, Danny is very upset with Oswald by the end of the day, which upsets me in turn, even though Danny is kind of cute trilling "Hating yoooou!" as he pedals away. Happily, the Chas make up, or at least call it even, because it would have broken my heart to see them fight any more. Not to mention the fact that it would leave Dustin and Kandice as the last team in the race who don't snipe at each other, and for that reason alone, I would feel compelled to root for them. Yes, even though they're kind of dumb. You see the chaos that Danny and Oswald create when they fight?

Just like last week, there is no suspense in who comes in last. Uchenna and Joyce, making their way to Kuala Lumpur, gamble on an hour-long international connection, and lose, as Eric and Danielle and the Guidos could have told them would happen. Unfortunately, no one goes running out on the tarmac, ringing a little bell, as Joe did. Instead, Uchenna and Joyce drop out of the episode entirely until the 52-minute mark, when they are swiftly eliminated, with no fuss. Which is really the way they roll, so it's only fitting. They didn't create a lot of drama, and they didn't inspire a whole lot of feeling in me other than "mild interest." So… bye, I guess. Nice to see you again. Hope everything works out for you. Joyce, still love the hair.

So with four teams left, here's who I'm rooting for, in order of most to least desirable winners:

1. Oswald and Danny: I love the Chas, that's all there is to say.

2. Dustin and Kandice: Not the sharpest crayons in the box, but good racers, and dammit, it'd be nice to see an all-female team win one.

3. Eric and Danielle: Maybe one of those teams who should break up after the race is over, but at least they're better racers than...

4. Charla and Mirna: I'll say this for them, they do tend to wangle the best flights. This is probably what's kept them in the race for so long, because the extra time they get from taking the early flight is balanced out by all the time they waste with mistakes or their own drama. But at some point, those mistakes will have to catch up to them, right?


Colleen said...

I'm surprised they made it, really, since Kuala Lampur is often in disguise.