Friday, April 27, 2007

Grey's Anatomy: The Penis Fish of Marital Justice

Last week on Grey's Anatomy, Izzie donated bone marrow for her long-lost daughter. And I hope you weren't expecting to get any resolution on that or anything, because it doesn't even come up this week.

No, this week is all about relationships and penis fish. I'll begin with the penis fish, because I like saying penis fish, and also because I'm sick of the relationship crap. It seems Assistant Director Skinner has taken a break from thwarting (and later helping) Mulder and Scully, and is now Chairman of the Board at Seattle Grace. As such, he's a pretty hot commodity 'round these parts, especially for the Chiefs-in-waiting, especially now that his testicles are the size of grapefruits. Yep, grapefruits. Turns out, he's got a bad case of the ol' penis fish. What's a penis fish, you ask? The candirú is apparently a type of catfish that lives in the Amazon and, according to Wikipedia,

It is feared by the natives because it is attracted to urine or blood, and if the bather is nude it will swim into an orifice (the anus or vagina, or even the penis—and deep into the urethra). It then erects its spine and begins to feed on the blood and body tissue just as it would from the gills of a fish. The candirú is then almost impossible to remove except through surgery. The fish locates its host by following a water flow to its source and thus urinating while bathing increases the chance of a candirú homing in on a human urethra.

DISGUSTING! And also fascinating! Evolution is a marvelous thing, you guys. Wow. Incidentally, much as God punished Izzie for adultering last week, God is punishing Skinner this week. Because he's totally boning his assistant. Only not so much lately, one would presume, because of the aforementioned penis fish. Anyway, his assistant leaves him, his wife totally knows about the whole thing, and let this be a valuable lesson to anyone paying close attention (in this case, George and Izzie). Izzie tries to steer clear of George after Callie begs her to relinquish him, but George takes the plunge and decides to leave Seattle Grace for dreaded rival Mercy West. DUN DUN DUUUUUN!

Meanwhile, everyone else eats sample wedding cakes. Except for Addison and Alex, who finally do the dirty deed in the on call room. And then Alex gives her the ol' "You're not my girlfriend--you're just a dirty tramp who slept with me in the on call room, thus breaking your 'no sex for a month' vow with Sloan, who is so onto us, by the way" brush-off, sending Addison to the verge of Spin-Off-dom. But that's not until next week. Oh, and something about Meredith and Derek's relationship being in trouble. Again. Whatever.


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