Wednesday, April 04, 2007

7th Heaven: Hallelujah!

After its last-minute reanimation last season, 7th Heaven is finally getting the hell off our screens at the end of this season. And while I'm trying to be cautiously optimistic, considering that this show has already cheated death once… yaaaaay! The cancellation of a tired old show like this one means that there's one more space on the schedule for a better new show. And before you say, "But this is the CW," consider the bar that a new show would have to hurdle to be more welcome than 7th Heaven.

And as long as the CW is giving out walking papers, maybe they could nip over and hand them to Gilmore Girls as well? The show hasn't overstayed its welcome as egregiously as 7th Heaven, but it should get out now before people forget why the show was good in the first place, and I think that only the most hardcore GG fans (you can recognize them by their bejeweled, pink Razrs, with which they text their friends, "OMG LukE + LoRelAi 4 EVA!!1! & her scarf is kewl! ;)") would disagree at this point. Just let it go. It's better this way.


Liz said...

Um, so this leaves a space open for Veronica Mars, right? ...Right?

If not, I suggest that VM end its season with everyone getting pregnant with twins, since that worked for 7th Heaven.

Bob said...

What'd your problem with 7th Heaven? That show is great because it provides a welcome sense of morality into its viewers lives. I know many people who wish their families were as good as the Camdens.