Friday, April 27, 2007

Ugly Betty: No Comeuppance!

I told you they'd get back together. Halfway through this episode, Betty and Daniel are apologizing to each other and talking about how important their friendship is – and then Betty starts with the lecturing. Yay, they're back! Daniel's in trouble over the fallout from last week's statutory rape, and almost has to resign from Mode, but Betty saves the day, with an assist from a purse-snatching Henry. Ah, Henry – it's been too long, my friend. The two of them prove that Petra is actually 20. Daniel's so relieved that he immediately goes to have more indiscriminate sex, over Betty's protests, because he will never get his comeuppance, you hear? Don't worry about it, Betty; just book him a trip to the Amazon and hope for a repeat of last night's Grey's Anatomy. That oughta straighten him out. Sidebar: how cool were Petra and her mom/sister, anyway? I'm sorry that their storyline is over so soon. I could watch Petra's momster smack around Petra and Daniel all day.

What is with this Alexis/Bradford relationship? Last week Alexis discovered that her dad missed her and loved her, and this week Bradford's willing to offer her $10 million to get lost and pay off a Brazilian guy to seduce her away. I suppose the two aren't mutually exclusive, but still. Same with Alexis and Daniel – one week they're playing nice together, this week Alexis is cruelly using him in her game against Bradford. It's all so confusing! I never know what's going on!

In the Suarez household, a couple of things happen: Hilda gets engaged (yes, to Santos), and Papa's getting sent back to Mexico. And if this ends up anything like My Name Is Earl, someone is going to have to cross the field of rakes to get him back. I nominate Justin; he's got little feet.

By the way, next week looks awesome. Claire returns to shiv Wilhelmina a new one, and everyone else goes to Medieval Times, unless I dreamed it, which is entirely possible. If I did: best dream ever!