Friday, April 06, 2007

30 Rock: Break Out the Fireworks!

Score one for good TV: 30 Rock has been renewed for next season! Since the show's ratings are middling at best, as pretty much every article covering the renewal will point out, the fact that NBC has picked it up this early means that they must really believe in it. Because when was the last time they let a sitcom build up an audience over time? Interestingly, they give the same "upscale viewers" explanation that was once associated with Studio 60, but I suspect that "upscale viewers" in this case is code for NBC execs, and they love it because of all the NBC/GE shenanigans. If only Sorkin had set Studio 60 at NBC instead of "HBC," the suits might have been more interested.

So how does 30 Rock celebrate getting renewed? With more of what the suits love: Will "GOB" Arnett as another NBC exec, and fireworks. NBC brass love fireworks. But Tina Fey remembers the ordinary fans, too – you know, the ones not employed by GE. I love that 30 Rock is starting to bring back things from previous episodes as in-jokes to fans, now that they've reached a point where they can do that. Dr. Spaceman is to 30 Rock what Dr. Beardfacé is to Scrubs and that doctor who delivers news badly was to Arrested Development. It's great. And I may have mentioned this before, but I really only like Tracy when he's crazy - and I mean seriously, bughouse crazy - which is why his dream sequence was the best. Well, that and Alec Baldwin. Dressed as Thomas Jefferson. Flipping off the Maury audience. Yeah. I'm so happy this show is coming back.

By the way, if you've ever wondered what the deal is with Kenneth, Jack McBrayer can tell you: Kenneth is part magic.


Segway said...

Good ol' Will Arnett, he actually drew me to the show, it's the first episode of 30 Rock I've tuned in to.

Check out the Will Arnett Research Project at

Colleen said...

oh em gee, last nights episode was absurdilarity.

And hey, dont forget Dr. Mickhead on scrubs either ;D