Friday, April 13, 2007

30 Rock: Jefferson Lives!

I underestimated 30 Rock. I thought the Thomas Jefferson thing would be a one-episode gag, one that would disappear like Jenna did. (Seriously, where did she go? And if the answer is not "Muffin Tops world tour," I will be sorely disappointed.) But it's back, and will probably be around for a while. And while I'm reserving judgment for now, I am hopeful that it's going to be funny, because a) Kenneth is involved, and b) that trailer is great. Besides, it's 30 Rock, and I've come to trust Tina Fey. I wasn't sure about Floyd, either, but she made me like him. That scene in Liz's apartment? Awesome. Okay, most of that was because of Jack, and the rest was pretty much Liz, but still, Floyd was there. He gets credit for that.

Meanwhile, the one moment that has really stayed with me from last night's episode is Kenneth knitting the NBC bikini for Nana, and I'm not sure if that's more because it's hilarious or it's disturbing. I do know that it was the best line of the night. Well done, Kenneth. Now put it away.


Liz said...'re right! Where IS Jenna? Everyone else was so busy being awesome that I didn't even notice she was missing! Which, I guess, just goes to show how awesome the show is.

vance said...

I actually like Jenna but there's enough in the show now that it can fill the void. Especially when a Fat Bitch poster is involved. Or Floyd. Love Floyd.