Friday, April 20, 2007

Grey's Anatomy: When it rains in Seattle, it pours...and then your kid gets leukemia.

Is it just me, or is this show becoming a downer? God, it seems, is punishing Izzie for her adulterous ways by giving her long-lost daughter leukemia. And then having Izzie go through a painful medical procedure to help her out, after being completely rejected by said daughter.

And in other daughters rejecting semi-mothers news, Meredith wants nothing to do with her estranged father's overly-mothering wife, until the fake mother confesses that she just feels guilty for letting Meredith's dad ignore Meredith all those years.

And in other, other fake parents news, Alex's facially-challenged amnesiac gets claimed by a kindly couple from the Midwest only to be tragically rejected when the mother decides that she isn't her daughter after all. Harsh. And in other rejection news, the Chief tells Derek that he won't pick Derek as his replacement because he promised Ellis that he'd protect Meredith, and being Chief ruined his marriage. Because that's not going to lead to resentment that will break up the relationship anyway.

In other troubled relationship news, Callie is on to George and Izzie after George stops ignoring Izzie long enough to be her friend during the bone marrow transplant, and then lies to Callie about where he was. And finally, in other, other troubled relationship news, Lord John Marbury has left Seattle Grace and Cristina after realizing that her relationship with Burke has made her soft and boring. Which then leaves Cristina worried and contemplative. Hmm. Nope. Not a lot of good news this week.


A Girl From Texas said...

I don't like the thing going on with Izzie and George. I think that Callie was a good fit. She was fun and open and interesting. She had sizzle and I thought she did a lot to push George out of his comfort zone. Izzie and George are just boring.

Liz said...

Boring, and oh so predictable! I loved that they had a platonic, boy/girl friendship without slipping into cliched romantic territory. Ah, well. Hopefully Callie will show some backbone and kick some ass.

Anonymous said...

I should be taken out and shot for not even *noticing* Lord John Marbury. It was bad enough that I had to cry out WHO WAS THAT WOMAN IN THE ELEVATOR??? till *seven* people on my Grey's list told me it was Carol.

It's been way too long since I had a good dose of TWW.
Celestial Navigation, anyone?
Shibboleth perhaps?

hanging my head in shame,

Liz said...

Hahaha! That was definitely a TWW-riffic episode. And, to be fair, I had an advantage since I was sick a couple weekends ago and watched the whole 3rd season on DVD. I recommend you do the same!