Monday, April 16, 2007

The Amazing Race: Kung Fu Hustle

Hey, this leg was a lot of fun! Even though – or, perhaps, because – it was designed by someone who loves Hong Kong action movies. Detour: climb bamboo scaffolding while fending off martial artists. Roadblock: kick in doors in an abandoned building. Fast Forward: get strapped into a car and hang on while the driver performs a movie stunt. The last one is the best, and also the most unintentionally funny, because the show tries to convince you, with ominous music, that Oswald and Danny don't survive when the car flips over. Like it wouldn't have been front-page news if The Amazing Race had killed two of its contestants. But they're alive, have fun, and come in first. Yay! Coming in last this week are Eric and Danielle, but, because they're not ready for the finale, it's a non-elimination leg. I don't understand the logic of having a Fast Forward in a non-elimination leg, unless it's to throw the racers off, or to scare the audience into thinking that one of the teams is dead. Otherwise, there's no real point to it. Yeah, Danny and Oswald had fun, but they were going to have fun no matter what they did. That's who they are.

Charla and Mirna, meanwhile, are still mad at Dustin and Kandice about last week's Yield. And if you're thinking to yourself, "But wait, they weren't the ones Yielded," you'd be right. They're madder about it than Eric and Danielle, even. It's probably just a symptom of how much they hate the beauty queens, because I don't know that they would have gotten this mad at anyone else. The previews suggest that next week, Eric and Danielle and Charla and Mirna team up to wreak some Yield revenge on the beauty queens, which I wouldn't mind, as long as it means that Cha-Cha-Cha can sidle around the fray and finish first. Go Chas!