Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Heroes: Breaking Out is Fun to Do

Yata! Heroes is finally back, and revving up for the end of the season. And while Hiro and Ando stretch out their vacation until the end of the episode, it's worth it. They end up in New York City, after the bomb, and find two things in Isaac's old place: a timeline, and Futuristic Samurai Hiro. Meanwhile, in the present, Isaac is sacrificed to Sylar's collecting fever, and damn, does Sylar suck at painting. We also check in with Candice: yep, still a bitch. This week, the big storylines are:

Linderman: He chats about the future with Nathan, showing him the picture of him in the Oval Office and championing the nuclear bomb. See, Linderman wants New York to blow up to shake things up, and if in the meantime, Nathan becomes a Bush/Giuliani-style leader in crisis, that's just a bonus. Linderman then goes on to kidnap Micah, whose power will be helpful in whatever he's got planned. Oh, and he has a power, too. Yeah, he's a healer, and honestly, does everyone have to have a power? It would really be refreshing to meet someone and discover that he had no power. In fact, it would be more shocking than if he did have a power. Please let Ando stay just the way he is. Oh, and Bennet. As long as there are a few people without powers, I'll be happy.

Peter and the Petrellis: When last we left Peter, Sylar was after his delicious brain. But things go south quickly, even from there, and Peter ends up with a big piece of glass in his skull. Mohinder is left to take Sylar out (I know, I'm as surprised as you are!) and bring Peter's body to the Petrelli home. Hilariously, when Nathan sees his dead brother, he says, "He wasn't supposed to die this way!" Yes, he was supposed to die blowing up New York City. I know it would have been in bad form for Nathan to celebrate Peter dying without taking anyone with him, but at least don't make it sound like you would have preferred the other way, Nathan. (Or would you?) As I was, and I'm sure all of you were, yelling at the screen, all they have to do is take out the giant shard of glass from his brain and Peter reboots, much like Claire did with the branch in the brain stem incident. In other news, Granny Petrelli offers to take Claire to Paris, which should be interesting, if they ever make it.

The Dream Team: Matt and Bennet are locked up in Odessa together, but Bennet has a plan, which he communicates telepathically to Matt, to get them out. The whole thing, awesomely, is rather like an Alias mission, the kind that Weiss only got to go on when the writers remembered his existence. Bennet directs Matt to knock out the guard, break out Ted, and take out the building's power grid with an EMP from Ted. (Yes! Ted proves his worth!) When we leave them, the boys, Matt, Ted, and Bennet, are on their way to New York City to destroy the hero tracking system. Hooray! Not only does it put them in position to play a role in the Exploding Peter incident (well, we knew Ted had to be involved somehow), but this is exactly what I wanted – Matt joining up with other heroes and being part of a major plot. This Matt-Bennet partnership has brought nothing but good things.


Anonymous said...

All in all this was another excellent show. I can't wait to see how it develops further.