Thursday, April 26, 2007

House: House, You Dog!

Well, the mystery of Foreman's lack of plot has been solved--this week's House was all Foreman, all the time. What have we learned? Foreman has the sweetest mother ever, who unfortunately has Alzheimer’s. So tragic. For reals. Also, Foreman never goes home because he's afraid the projects will sink their grimy claws into him and never let go. Finally, Foreman actually has a heart, and the ability to feel guilt and regret. Of course, if you can't feel guilt and regret after killing a patient who is your alter-ego, you're more machine than man.

Said patient is a scam artist who made a few bad decisions where Foreman made a few good decisions. She came in with what looked like an autoimmune disease or cancer, and Foreman decided that killing her immune system before doing the necessary tests would be a good way to go. Because, you know, that's how they roll in House' Anyway, turns out she had a simple infection that's now totally untreatable due to the newly destroyed immune system. Oops. Foreman feels pretty bad about it, though, so I guess it's all good. Except for the dead patient and all.

In the meantime, House gets all jealous of Wilson and Cuddy, and pries the following out of Wilson's ex-wife: Wilson befriends women and makes them fall in love with him. Wilson is great in bed. She and Wilson have an antisocial, unlikable dog whose name is some sort of implausible anagram of House's name--Hector, for short. Somehow, all this information adds up to House deciding that Cuddy has to sleep with Wilson in order to prevent her from falling in love with him (not quite sure how the math works out on that one), and House getting a new furry soul mate. In short, next week promises to be intriguing.