Tuesday, March 13, 2007

24: Kiwi and Bananas

Move over, Jack Bauer – this episode belongs to Martha Logan. And I am completely fine with that, because I've missed that crazy FLOTUS. As is standard for this show, Martha is their only chance to avoid war: the U.S. is going to invade the Russian consulate if Martha can't get Mrs. Suvarov on the phone and convince her husband to give up Markov. The Veep, by the way, is totally fine with invading the consulate and more or less going to war with Russia, just as he is cool with nuking the hell out of whatever unnamed, and entirely innocent, Middle Eastern country Assad was from. I think his plan is to bomb everyone he can and shoot in the face anyone who's left. Unfortunately for the Veep, he won't get to start by picking a fight with Russia, as CTU ends up storming the consulate with the Russian president's blessing. Well, that's one way to have your consulate-invading cake and eat it, too. Well played, writers. I assume that blessing retroactively includes Jack, too, so that we don't have to send Jack to a Siberian gulag?

But, for me, all of that pales in comparison to the Martha/Aaron/Logan scenes. They're tense, awkward, and filled with Martha, the actively crazy, trying to poke Logan's sleeping crazy. She does everything she can to drag the old Logan out - throws her relationship with Aaron in his face, accuses him of ulterior motives, throws kiwi at him – but none of it works. So she resorts to stabbing him in the neck. I told you she was still crazy. While Logan's stab wound is pretty bad, he appears to die of a broken heart instead. Aww. Poor Logan. So I guess he really was reformed after all. That's... mildly disappointing. I was hoping to see him evil one last time. Ah, well. So long, you magnificent ex-bastard.

Also in this episode: Ricky Schroder shows up to confuse me, because wasn't he Rick Schroder on NYPD Blue? Why would he go back to his child-star name for 24? Wouldn't he want to use the more macho version of his name if he's going to be shooting stuff? Meanwhile, I'm pretty sure that Gredenko is in the airplane boneyard where the MythBusters tested explosive decompression way back when, so that makes me another person who knows Gredenko's location. Hopefully, Jack Bauer will not break into my apartment and torture me for the information.


brenda said...

As long as CTU sets up one of their leaky perimeters around your apartment when Jack comes to get you, you'll be safe.

So is Logan really dead? Are you sure they're not going to revive him? If they only brought him back for the little bit he's done this season, why bother? But then, Martha wouldn't be quite as crazy without him. And she was awesome.