Friday, March 23, 2007

Grey's Anatomy: My Least Favorite Mistake

Last week on Grey's Anatomy: IZZIE AND GEORGE SLEPT TOGETHER!!!1! This week on Grey's Anatomy: Chaos and baggy, red-rimmed eyes ensue.

Let me break last night's episode down for you--


20% - The race for chief is heating up

7% - It would suck to be a human statue, especially if your daughter was creepily obsessed with dollhouses, and you had to put up with it because you were unable to move

5% - It would also suck to have your face smashed in, and then get amnesia and be unable to tell what you're supposed to look like when you need to choose a new face for plastic surgery

5% - Burktina are getting married after all

3% - Hungover George looks and smells terrible

Does anyone else feel like the first item might spell the beginning of Grey's Anatomy's slip from "Must See TV"-dom into "DVR and watch it later"-ville? I mean, a show can't last once all the main characters have slept with each other, right? Even Friends kept Phoebe celibate when it came to the other friends. Man, George sucks (and, apparently, smells bad and looks like crap when he's hungover). Poor Callie. Izzie sucks, too. Everyone sucks. Bailey should jump ship and join Addison in California or wherever. Then the two remaining awesome characters would be in one place.


vance said...

If you noticed, I just moved Grey's Anatomy from 4 stars to a 3.5 stars on my sidebar tapeworthy ratings last night. GASP!

I so want to love this show but just found it so BORING lately...

Liz said...

Yep, it's slipping, all right...

sara said...

Among the many, many things that annoy me about the Grey's Anatomy writers' blog (and the show in general) is their effusive squeeing about the characters, and especially about how "great and right" the George-Izzie sex was. Did anyone else see them drink an entire bottle of bourbon? How was it even possible for them (uh, HIM) to have sex?

And I usually DVR it and watch it later. Or DVR the Friday rerun just out of perversity.

Liz said...

I was totally wondering about the mechanics of that level of drunkenness + sex, too! And assuming they could even have sex, how it could possibly be anything but sloppy and drunken.