Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Miscellaneous Show Updates

Law & Order: The granddaddy of NBC shows, the Jerry Orbach to the rest of the network's... parade of younger detectives that Briscoe worked with (Chris Noth? Jesse L. Martin?), may finally be retiring after 17 seasons. And, really, it's time. The show is already older than some American Idol contestants. I can't even remember TV without it. (I do, however, remember TV without Vincent D'Onofrio, and I would like to reexperience that.) But, you know, it'll never really be gone - not as long as TNT still shows 47 episodes per day. That chung-chung sound is never going away.

Scrubs: Definitely coming back for a seventh season - hooray! The only question is which network it'll be on. I'm half hoping that ABC will pick it up instead, because I have to believe that ABC will treat it better than NBC, which is moving Scrubs around, again.

The Amazing Race: Rob and Amber claim in an interview that Charla and Mirna spent twenty minutes searching for the clue after Amber's infamous lie. Hee hee heeeee! I'm sorry, that was mean. Anyway, I have to actually agree with Rob (I know!) that Colin and Christie would have made a great All-Star team, much better than the cousins. They're actually good racers, and it's not like Colin won't bring the drama. His ox is broken!

Heroes: Plenty of tantalizing tidbits from the panel discussion at the Paley Festival, including a Justice League/Super Best Friends-type thing that Linderman was once part of. And the burning question comes up again, courtesy of Hayden Panettiere: Why isn't Greg Grunberg in a comedy? Girl, seriously.

Ugly Betty: Thank you, Vanessa Williams, for yelling "Marc!" so much.


Liz said...

Hmm. So...Rob and I are on the same side about something? I may have to reevaluate my worldview. Makes sense that he'd admire Colin/Christie, though...

Dave said...

Unrelated to television but related to me/Zach Braff:

I read recently that Zach Braff has a blog, so I had to check it out and see if it emoted quite as profusely as his face. But it turns out he's a big fan of Spring Awakening which my step-sister is in. It's broadway, and thus not TV, but I plug her show at any time, no matter how inappropriate it is.

Appropriate comment: I haven't exhausted your archives, but I'm curious about your opinion on The Office. As it occurs around 30 rock (which you like), you might have seen it.

Liz said...

Yeah, Zach Braff's blog is good, but it was better when he updated it more. That's cool that your step-sister is in Spring Awakening! I saw it last August when it was off-Broadway and absolutely loved it--what part does she play?

I can't speak for Lori, but I definitely love The Office. I didn't watch it much until this season (my loss), but I definitely plan on getting caught up as soon as possible. It took a little while for me to be innoculated against the uncomfortable silences, etc., but yeah, totally hysterical television. Steve Carrel is a god.

Dave said...

Here's the thing about the office: it's so good, I can't watch it. the characters are so well-executed, and the show so carefully crafted around awkwardness, that it's actually too awkward for me (which says alot, because I didn't have this problem with the British version). Everytime they deal with Michael Scott's dating life, I cringe and change the channel. It's instinctive.

OK, SA: There was The Lead, The Free Spirit, The Black Girl Who Was Molested. She was none of these. There were two other tiny, tiny girls - one that looked 12 and one that looked 15. She looked 15. Oh wait, she looked like this

In the off-broadway (which is the only one I've seen), she had a solo reprise late, but that got cut.

Liz said...

Oh, I totally remember her! That's so cool--what a great show to be involved with.

Yeah, that's how I was with The Office at first--I watched the first few episodes and deemed it too unbearably good to watch. But then I picked it up again this season and haven't found it to be quite so painful.