Wednesday, March 28, 2007

House: Secret Loooovers (That's what they are...)

Last night, House was all about secrets. Secret genetic diseases, secret catheter bags, secret sex, secret dreams... Let's start with the genetic diseases. A big hospital donor's son comes home from Iraq with a bucketload of symptoms--rashes, joint pain, fatigue, etc. Cuddy tasks House with curing him, a task that quickly becomes disgusting when the dude gets some sort of putrid vaginal infection in his mouth. Like, with discharge and everything. It was horrifying. I'll skip ahead. Turns out, he has a rare blood disease instead of cancer, gulf war syndrome, infection, etc., etc. Right.

House has another mystery to solve with the patient, though--he dreamt about him the night before getting the case. Hmm. After tasking his minions with finding out everything about the dude's life, House realizes that the patient was Cuddy's date one night a couple years ago. After he confronts Cuddy with this fact, Cuddy accuses House of being into her, and I come embarrassingly close to squeeing. For reals. It was an awesome conversation. Apparently, House and Cuddy had a one-nighter oh so many years ago, and Cuddy thinks House wants to go back for seconds. She's not on board. I totally don't want these guys to get together, but I totally do want them to have more conversations like this one. Let's face it--they have way more chemistry than House and Wilson.

In other news, House is now taking so much Vicodin that he can't pee, and I add "watching a man shove a tube up his penis" to the list of things I never want to see again. Cameron, in the meantime, has peer-pressured (peer-with-benefits-pressured?) Chase into having sex at work. And House, of course, walks in on them in a supply closet. I think Chase is half-right about Cameron wanting House to catch them--not so much because she's trying to make him jealous as because she's totally a weirdo exhibitionist with a cane fetish. The catheter bag probably only makes him hotter.