Tuesday, March 06, 2007

24: Another Year, Another Consulate

Jack Bauer has a serious problem. But, unlike the torturing, this is probably not something he can go to a support group for. Jack is addicted to breaking into consulates. First the Chinese consulate, now the Russian, and next year, maybe, the Canadian? I don't blame Jack – he can't help himself. He sees a consulate and his thoughts immediately turn to breaking in, kidnapping, and cutting off finger joints. No, I blame the Russians. You would think that they would know Jack Bauer on sight at this point. They, and all the other consulates on Consulate Row, should really have Jack's picture up. But no; he gets in and tortures the information about Gredenko out of the consul. Jack is then captured by the Russians, which, if this is anything like last time, means that he's really going to be sorry at the end of next season.

So you remember how last week I was sure that Chad had failed completely in the assassination attempt because Assad looked like a hero? Yeah, I was giving the Secret Service way too much credit. They're sure Assad is responsible, despite the fact that Assad (now dead, sadly) leaped to Palmer's rescue, and despite the fact that Tom points the finger at the real assassins. In fact, the Secret Service immediately suspects Tom himself. Either they're trying to cover up their own incompetence in not protecting the president by pointing fingers at everyone else, or they're so incompetent that they don't go the ten feet necessary to find the duct tape with Tom's DNA on it that proves his story. Whatever the explanation, they all need a serious firing.

And poor Karen Hayes. The writers forgot about her and left her at the airport for hours, and all she could do to pass the time was watch Fox News.

Next week: Martha! And Aaron! Oh, the excitement! The awesome! I can't wait!


Dylan B. said...

Well you know the thing is that Jack has a pretty strong addiction if he's back at it again. If you were an alcoholic and the first time you ever drank, you were punished by being thrown on a boat to China and tortured for two years, it seems to me that the next time you looked at another beer, you'd become violently ill.

Lori said...

That's a good point. Maybe Jack's memory isn't so good anymore.