Monday, March 12, 2007

Grease - YTOTIW: Rob Marshall!

Last week on Grease: You’re the One that I Want, Kathleen was finally eliminated. I say “finally” because, although her acting was very good, she looked like she was thirty. Which is a problem. Also, it was her third time or so in the bottom three, so it was just a matter of time. The Danny’s performed, and Chad really, really sucked.

This week, the special guest judge is Rob Marshall! COOL! (He’s Kathleen Marshall’s brother, for those who didn’t know.) Billy Bush informs us that the Danny’s stuck in the bottom two are It Doesn’t Matter and Chad. Just kidding, it’s Austin and Chad. But seriously, Chad’s dead meat.

Tonight, the girls will be showing Sandy’s “emotional” side, and the boys will be singing Elvis. Because Danny is rock and roll, or something. MORE BROADWAY SONGS, guys! If I wanted to watch American Idol, I’d…well, I do sometimes watch American Idol. But it would be way better with more Broadway songs and less of the same Aretha songs every season. Just sayin’.

Allie sings “Natural Woman.” (See, with the Aretha? SO American Idol.) The lower notes are nice, but the belted “YOU make me feel” bits sound forced and shrieked. The judges think it wasn’t her best vocal performance, but wasn’t terrible.

Derek sings “Devil in Disguise.” I love him. His singing is expressive, he’s got great charisma and stage presence, he has a lovely voice, he can move, and he’s super-cute. What’s not to love? (When his voice doesn’t crack on high notes, that is…) AND he cries a little when his dad says how proud he is of Derek. Aww. The judges think he was great.

Laura is up next with “Don’t Leave Me This Way.” She’s great, as usual. Love! The judges love her.

Max sings “Suspicious Minds.” He’s perfectly good, and he’s a great singer, and very emotional and whatever, but…come on. We all know this guy can’t play Danny. They can dress him up in leather, grease his hair back, make him sing rock and roll, whatever they want. He’s still just not believable as the gorgeous, charismatic leader of the pack. However, he has an adorable little brother. So props for that. The judges still seem to think he’s got a shot, though. Whatev.

In honor of Rob Marshall, they do a group performance of “All That Jazz,” from Chicago. W00t, Broadway song! It’s actually pretty good. Austin isn’t really the Fosse type, though—“subtle sexuality” is not in his vocabulary as a performer.

Time for the sing-off! Austin was actually America’s least favorite Danny (ha), but this is why we have the “judges actually pick the winner” system (although this is supposedly the last week of it). They sing “Rock & Roll Party Queen,” and Chad does seem to be the crowd favorite. Hmm…I’m no Austin fan, but this is odd. Chad is bland and average compared to Austin in every way but looks. Ah, America. So shallow. The judges choose to save Austin, DUH. That was the least suspenseful one yet. Good move judges, bad move America.

Ashley sings “You Keep Me Hanging On,” and finally manages to stand out after dropping to the middle of the pack from being an early favorite. Way to claw your way back up there, Ashley. I can’t imagine Allie will be in it past this week if America has any sense at all, and the judges agree.

Austin sings “Can’t Help Falling in Love.” Much as I don’t love him, the dude really does have the chops to be a romantic lead. However, this lovely, romantic performance couldn’t be any less Danny. The judges were impressed with his singing performance, but thought he didn’t let enough personality through.

The panel picks Austin, Max and Laura as their favorites tonight. Apparently, this is the last say they’ll have, and so I expect Allie to make it through over Ashley, because America sucks and votes for whoever gets the most airtime. Guy-wise, it’s tougher…I’d get rid of Max, but America seems to love him, so who knows?


vance said...

I LOVE MAX but yeah, a Lead but maybe not this show. At this point I'm in the anybody but Austin camp. I do like Derek, sings well, is cute, is extremely likable, but I was sort of sad they let Chad go too since I thought he might have been the best Danny. Oh well, what do I know? As for the girls, it's all Laura I say.

Liz said...

Oof, Chad was just SO BAD last week! Off notes galore, really inconsistent singing...definitely the Danny type, though, I'll give you that. And yeah, I really like Max too, but I just don't see him as Danny (and honestly, it's tough to see him as a romantic lead at all until he grows into his looks a bit). But hell yeah, Laura and anyone but Austin.

vance said...

Oh. I haven't watched Last weeks tape yet though. I've only watched intermittenly, and even when I do, usually doing something else. I know. My bad. I'm a bad broadway fan. Bad Bad.

But Max is totally growing on me. Not traditional good looks but I think he's adorable now.

KF said...

Okay, not that I've seen the show or anything, but why exactly was it a problem for Kathleen to look thirty?

Harrumph, and other appropriately crotchety noises.

Liz said...

Because she wants to play Sandy (from Grease) on Broadway, and Sandy is supposed to be in high school! Also, I'm totally ageist.

And Vance, no worries, it's not like they actually sing Broadway songs or anything...

KF said...

Ah. See, that little piece of context does make a difference.

Anonymous said...

The judges saved the right guy. Austin is the ONLY true triple threat up there. Max moves well, but he's not a dancer. Derek sings well most of the time, but those cracks? No one should have to pay $100 to hear that. And Chad - well, in the live studio you can't hear him without the mic. On Broadway you can't rely on your mic alone. Good call judges. Bad call America indeed!

Liz said...

Yeah, the voice cracking is definitely a problem with Derek...I really think it's fixable, though, with some vocal coaching. Austin's innate creepiness, however, may not be.

vance said...

haha. yeah. I mean. Austin IS technically good. Just something about him CREEPS me out. He would be great playing a schmarmy guy (like I'm thinking Elle's ex on Legally Blonde or something).

Anyways, yeah? why aren't they singing broadway showtunes? and they wonder why they don't have huge numbers. they might as well embrace the gayness of it all and go all out. Instead, its all kinda tepid. Don't you think?

Liz said...

Oh, TOTALLY tepid. They should go all-out, all-Broadway and bill themselves as a gay-friendly(er) American Idol. It would be awesome!