Friday, March 02, 2007

30 Rock: Give Kenneth His Own (Talk) Show

Thank the TV gods for 30 Rock. On a night otherwise filled with repeats or clip shows, it comes through with a new episode, with all the Wayne Brady (nice taste in sitcoms, Wayne - first How I Met Your Mother, now this), LL Cool J, Ghostface Killah, and Kenneth the Page you can handle, as well as an inspiring message of intolerance. And, as a bonus, no "wacky" Rachel Dratch character this week. Everyone wins! Except Jane Krakowski, who didn't get a whole lot to do this week - which, surprisingly, I found disappointing. I guess after "Muffin Tops" and her America-hating antics of last week, Jenna has really grown on me. I still only like Tracy when he's being non sequi-tastic, though, which is why I liked the scene between him and his "manatee," Kenneth.

And while I'd love for Kenneth to get his own show, I don't necessarily want to see him in another sitcom. I want to see him host a show. It doesn't really matter if it's a talk show, a gardening program, Top Design, or a newsmagazine. He'd be a lot more interesting than several other show hosts I could name, and he's got a unique perspective. Wouldn't you love to see Kenneth introducing a "To Catch a Predator"-type show? Wait, on second thought, scratch that - I don't want to expose him to that. He's far too innocent. Maybe just a talk show, in which he could chat with celebrities and show the viewers how to make their own wrapping paper.


Sherpa said...

Great episode.

Kenneth his own show? Hmm.

Colleen said...

last nights episode was like nothing ive ever seen on television. Ever. It was so awesome i didnt even try to describe it to anyone.

WHen ll cool J told his boy to, quote, "Go get my nose back." ?? Omigod....omigod.....