Monday, March 05, 2007

The Amazing Race: Those Fish Are Vicious, Man

If there's anything that's going to trip up Rob and Amber, it's going to be hubris. Specifically, Rob's hubris. For a guy who professes to care so little about the other teams, he certainly spends a lot of time talking about how little he cares about the other teams, wondering about where the other teams are, and hoping that the other teams are wondering about him. Even Amber is like, "Babe, give it a rest." I can't tell who believes more in the legend of Rob the Machiavellian Playmaster: the other teams or Rob himself. But the hubris isn't going to trip him up this week – they're in first place, again.

For some reason, a Roadblock that involves picking up fish causes far more problems than you'd think. Danielle has herself a serious freakout, as does Mirna, because they're afraid of the flat, non-biting, non-stinging fish. Meanwhile, Mike Rowe and his crew are laughing at them from underneath the man-eating pile of charcoal. But the one thing I can't figure out, aside from Eric's exhortation that Danielle use her boobs as though they're the Force, is why Dave had to do the Roadblock. Because, as we learned last season, Dave is afraid of fish. So why is he doing it? Surely Mary can contribute something besides making friends with everyone and yelling at Dave? (Spoiler: No.)

Anyway, this week's theme: getting a clue. The BQs miss an entire clue, and have to go back, and the Guidos miss part of their clue, but are saved by the inexplicable help of Charla and Mirna. I know, it's weird; even Mirna can't believe she helped them. Of course, I can't believe she and Charla kidnapped a guy off the streets to guide them around. I'm serious, they do all but put a bag over his head, and they do it in front of his family. It's frightening. But none of the clue-missers or the kidnappers are eliminated – instead, that dishonor falls to Mary and Dave, and, really, you knew this was coming. There was no way they were going to seriously compete with teams like Rob and Amber, Danny and Oswald, and the Guidos. At least they get a nice vacation out of it.