Sunday, October 21, 2007

Desperate Housewives: Why so crabby?

Tonight's episode of Desperate Housewives slipped a bit from last week's triumph, but certainly provided a lot for us to think about. And honestly, without Susan's plot gumming up the works, I think it would've been another great hour of television. Especially since we finally get to meet the new gay neighbors!

Bob and Lee have moved to Wisteria lane, at Bob's urging, to get away from the squalor of the big city. Sadly for Bob and Lee, they've chosen to move in next door to Susan, who goes from being weirdly enthusiastic about their being gay, to almost killing Lee with possibly nut-containing cookies, to kidnapping their dog and thus indirectly ruining Bob's $2,000 suit. It's painful and, worse, predictable to watch, and Mike is as pissed at her as I am by the end of the whole thing. Can't the writers try to not make Susan a moronic screw-up, just for one episode? I mean, she did manage to raise Julie--she must have some adult qualities, right?

On the other hand, I'm loving the whole Bree situation. Partly because Andrew's back to his trouble-making ways (inviting Rex's mom to the surprise baby shower he got everyone to throw for Bree = genius), partly because things are getting shaken up a little. But did anyone NOT call Rex's mom taking Danielle out of the convent once Bree spilled the beans? I mean, come on. So obvious. Although seriously, do people really want to parade around their great-grandchildren? I feel like that makes her seem a tad bit ancient.

Also in the "I love it" category: Gabby's crabs via Edie. GROSS. Also? Crabs are totally the funniest STD, you guys. And I couldn't stop laughing at Gabby's "hot nurse" routine as she tried to get the crabs medicine on Victor without his finding out. She really sold it, medicinal smell, stinging, lice comb, and all. And I can't wait to find out what happens next week, now that Edie has pieced together why the "new cologne" Gabby gave Victor smells straaangely familiar.

Also doing a little role play this week is Lynette, who is between rounds of chemo and feeling randy. I have to say, I'm kind of with Tom on not finding her wigless self a turn-on. I know I've said it before, but it bears repeating: that bald cap covering up all her hair makes her head look freakishly huge. Will nobody shave their head for a part anymore? Aaanyway, her efforts at branching out wig-wise, thanks to Gabby's urging, get an A for effort and a C+ for costume. I mean, Brandy the slutty redheaded cheerleader wasn't even dressed remotely like a cheerleader! However, the role play turns into a serious relationship conversation, where Tom admits to Lynette that he'd like her to be a bit more sensitive to his feelings, since her having cancer is hard on him, too. And you know, much as those two are absurd most of the time, they really do have the most mature relationship on this show (not that that's saying much). Way to talk to each other, guys. And way to coin the phrase, "cancer bitch."

And here are some additional pieces to the Mystery Room puzzle:

  • Aunt Lily has returned home to die, and Katherine is curious what it dying feels like. Almost as if she's feeling guilty about having killed someone? Maybe?
  • Aunt Lily and Katherine covered up something that happened in the Mystery Room, and haven't told anyone to this day, although Aunt Lily, unlike Katherine, thinks Dylan should know about it.
  • Thanks to Aunt Lily's interrupted attempt at a confession, Dylan now knows that there's a reason she doesn't remember living on Wisteria Lane.
  • Katherine is totally hardcore when it comes to protecting Dylan from knowing whatever happened in the Mystery Room, to the point of ignoring Aunt Lily as she dies.
  • Aunt Lily's written last confession is waiting in the Mystery Room to be found.
Mysterious! Next week, political drama on Wisteria Lane as Katherine and Lynette both run for president of...something.