Tuesday, October 09, 2007

On the Glowy Box: Tuesday is the new Tuesday

You can thank U.S. Air for delaying my flight last night so that all I got to watch was The Bachelor. [Shakes fist at sky. Or, more specifically, at plane in sky.]

Watched Over the 3-day Weekend:
Rock of Love: The reunion special. Having never seen the show before. It was AMAZING. I can't wait for VH1 to do a marathon! My favorites were probably the two blonde BFF/roommates. Hilarious! I also love that the girl who won was all, "Yeah, you probably should've picked the other chick." This stuff is way, WAY better than The Bachelor, you guys.

The Bachelor: You can read the full recap here, and marvel at the absurdity that is this show. (Twins!)

Will Watch or DVR Tonight:
(Descriptions from Zap2it.com's TV listings)

House: House splits the final 10 fellowship candidates into two teams by gender; the teams must treat a man with muscular atrophy and diagnose the cause; at his new hospital, Foreman resorts to House-like behavior to help a patient. Fox, 9 PM.

Reaper: Sam must capture the soul of an angry mistress who sends insects to attack anyone who gets near her former lover; at college, Andi meets a new guy, who encourages her to quit the Work Bench and go back to school full time. The CW, 9 PM.

Boston Legal: With Carl, Denny wagers a large sum over a cockfighting case; Alan and Lorraine pursue a lawsuit against a high school after a 15-year-old girl contracts HIV; a woman alleges that a psychologist's therapy sessions caused her husband's suicide. ABC, 10 PM.

P.O.V.: The 20th season ends with Michael Apted's "49 Up," the seventh installment in his look at the lives of British baby boomers that began in 1964, when the subjects were 7 years old. They include a cabbie; a former missionary; three girlhood friends. PBS, Check local listings.

While I'll miss Eureka greatly, it's nice to be able to watch both House AND Reaper--those were a rough past couple weeks!