Thursday, October 04, 2007

Grey's Anatomy: Addicted to love...and also crystal meth.

Hi! My name is Liz, and I'm admitting I have a problem. I'm addicted to Grey's Anatomy. Have been for about two and a half years. I was clean for the past few months, but I've been slipping lately. It's not the writing, anymore, or the hip music, or even how the show makes me feel. I think it's the characters. Much as I may be annoyed by some of them, or disapprove of some of their choices, in the end I care what happens to most of them. And that's what keeps me hooked. So let's chase that dragon together, shall we?

In case you hadn't noticed, our Theme of the Week is addiction, and how it never ends well. And also that Callie kind of sucks at life, which is truly a shame. The big case this week is a series of trauma victims from a gas main explosion crystal meth lab explosion at an apartment building. We've got the loveable "how could they be drug dealers?" neighbor, the slightly less loveable "I didn't even do drugs until recently!" client (don't get too attached to him), and the even less loveable "You mean cooking meth in our apartment could hurt our baby?" drug-dealing couple, plus their baby.

First off, I have to give props to Alex for smelling meth on the baby. That's quite a unique nose he's got there, and it kind of makes me wonder where he acquired that skill. Unfortunately, those props need to be immediately stripped, because he confronted the baby's drug dealing dad before the police got there. Just when I think he's starting to learn to control himself! Aaaand, let's get to the juicy stuff:

Meredith/Derek/Lexie: First off, I just need to confess that a relationship based entirely on sex and mockery sounds kind of awesome to me. Though we may need to come up with a new acronym. Second off, I need to confess that I really, really don't care whether Derek and Meredith stay together, or stay broken up, or whatever they are. Used to care, now I don't. He's whiny and patronizing, she's whiny and selfish--they deserve each other. Flame me if you will, but that's where I stand right now. And seriously, how could anyone be addicted to her?

Mer and Lexie, well, that's another toughie. Lexie lost some of my goodwill she garnered last week with all the hovering and staring, but it's hard not to be sympathetic. I mean, chick just lost her mom, and her sister treats her like trash. "I'm a person who just doesn't want to know you"? Uncool, Meredith. Uncool. It's not Lexie's fault her dad left you. You were probably a really heinous five-year-old, sucking tequila out of a juice box and squinting at your stuffed animals until they agreed to do what you wanted.

Cristina: Mama Burke is camping out in the waiting room, and reveals herself to be the Best Ever (along with Bailey, who is permanently the Best Ever) when she confronts Meredith for her "It's so, so over" speech at the wedding: "Were you being inappropriate, or were you being selfish?" AWESOME, though if she knew Meredith at all, she'd know that the answer is "both, all the time." She also describes to Derek a few parallels between his and Burke's situations, which is fair, since Cristina and Meredith are both pretty socially dysfunctional. However, I was totally NOT on board with her whole, "An honorable man knows when to walk away, and when to take less than he deserves" speech. Um, what does that even mean? And what does it have to do with being honorable? Whatev, she's still awesome.

Her conversation with Cristina was also mildly harsh. I mean, she said a lot of nice things about Cristina being a strong woman and all, but what was that bit about how she could have become a brilliant heart surgeon with Burke by her side? Clearly, she doesn't know Cristina very well. Heck, she'll be halfway to brilliant by the time she helps with all those cool surgeries she traded wedding presents for! Also, did she give a teeny tiny pep talk to that drug-dealing mom at the end, or was it just me? Soooomebody's growing as a person! And oh, I hate to burst your bubble, Cristina, but Burke's definitely NOT coming back to say goodbye. Although a Grey's Anatomy/Bionic Woman crossover would be all kinds of incredible.

George/Izzie/Callie: Le sigh. George is on a big "I love you" high, but Izzie got over that high in the weeks when they weren't speaking, so she's a bit more pragmatic. Because yeah, stealing your chief resident's husband? Bad. Idea. But Izzie, honey, it won't "work itself out" without him telling her. Callie will clearly just get pregnant, or something. Because, while the strong woman that was the original Callie would never stay with a man whom she suspects of having an affair, new, beaten-down Callie apparently will. To the point of refusing to allow said man to tell her he wants out. Stupid Gizzie. Paging Shonda: Give me back my original Callie - stat - and throw in a hook-up with Sloan for funsies.

All in all, this was definitely a better episode than last week's. Fewer awful speeches, for one. Plus, I've had a week to adjust to the whole Gizzie thing, though I'm still firmly against it. A couple of the plotlines, however, seem like they're getting a bit stale. So how about we meet some more of the new interns and shake things up a bit, eh? Bring back the fun? I mean, let's face's not like I'm going to stop watching, but I might as well enjoy it as much as I used to, right?


kp said...

I don't really get into the details of my true thoughts on my blog, but I ABSOLUTELY agree with pretty much everything you said about Grey's. I'm not convinced about this season yet - I didn't have as much a problem with last season as most people seemed to, but this season...

Callie is like a shadow of herself. I don't think she and George make sense, but I don't think Izzie and George make sense either. On the other hand, I don't hate either George-combo - I don't think he should be with either of them. And "for funsies" as you said, it would be awesome for Callie to hook up with McSteamy again. ;)

I used to care about Mer-Der, but this season it's taking too much effort - I have finally seen the light o'selfishness as well.

And the Lexie character, interesting, but as you said, a little creepy with the staring and all...

Anyway, I'm going to add you to my link list and I'm enjoying reading your thoughts on everything that I'm watching too (although I think you should give up Private Practice and come to the dark side of Gossip Girl - much more fun!).

Liz said...

Thanks! Yeah, this show has a bit of soul-searching to do. I was actually a bit disappointed by Gossip Girl...maybe it was just too painful to hear Kristen Bell doing a voice-over as someone besides Veronica Mars. But yeah, if Private Practice fizzles then I'll definitely give it another shot. I just like to many of the PP actor to quit!

kp said...

Haven't watched the latest ep yet, hopefully that will be tonight's viewing...

As far as PPractice is concerned, the blue kids lost me this week - I LOVE Kate Walsh and really like the other actors a lot, but the plotlines are killing me.

GGirl is not the best show on television, but it's certainly soapy enough. I'm not a fan of Ms. Bell (I know, *gasp*), but after the first ep, they use her v.o. a bit less, so it's not as "jarring." Also, the second and third episodes were much better than the first, so hopefully, you'll get sucked in at a later date. :)

Liz said...

If only they did Sunday reruns, like ANTM, I'd totally still be watching. I just can't fit anything else on Wednesdays!