Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Veronica Mars DVD Contest Results!

We have a winner! After wading through a multitude of fantastic Veronica Mars-themed haikus, sonnets, limericks, and odes, I chose my favorite six (I just couldn't narrow it down to five, as planned). Jennifer's clever, bittersweet entry was the winner in a random drawing of those finalists. Congratulations, Jennifer! Here's her winning poem:

An Ode to Veronica Mars
A long time ago, we used to friends.
But then the CW brought you to an end.
We protested. We wrote. We even did skywriting.
But alas, no luck. The network wasn’t biting.
We miss your sarcasm, your charm, and your wit.
But you’ve moved on to Heroes, a bonafide hit.
Good luck and Godspeed at NBC.
But our beloved Veronica, you’ll always be.

Continue below to read the other five finalists' awesome poems. Seriously, great work, guys! And thanks to everyone who entered--it was really tough to pick the winners!

A witty pair of limericks by Amanda:

There once was this awesome show,
To which most dumb viewers said “No.”
Instead they watched Idol,
Which makes me want Midol,
So the bigshots made VMars go.

Veronica wasn’t your average chick,
She was smart, sassy, and a private dick,
Her smile was charming,
Her hair flip disarming,
And above all, her wit was quick.

A hilarious haiku by Scooter:

Sad without Ronnie
But I will always have my
I (Heart) Dick T-Shirt

A great Vinnie-centric limerick by Sunil:

Let's talk about Vinnie Van Lowe.
You may think that he's kind of slow.
But this private dick
Is more mentally quick
Than you might be expected to know.

A fabulously obscure series of haikus by Leigh:

Earth to Mars, Neptune
Out at night, asleep in class
Always take Backup

A green LeBaron
PCHers, 09ers
Class warfare lives on

Duncan Logan Piz
“I’m never getting married”
Beware the Dentist

She’s a marshmallow?
Watch out for the keyster egg
End: the bitch is back

Vee, who’s your daddy?
Rob Thomas and Sheriff Mars
Without a network

And finally, the entire series in couplet form by Derek:

There once was a girl
Whose life came crashing down
taking away her precious social crown.

After being subjected to her best friend's murder and her own rape,
Veronica didn't realise her anger take shape.

In the form of investigating the mysteries of the town,
Veronica solved the murder of Lily Kane,
which could've been prevented if Lily hadn't been so vein.

Sleeping with a vast array of gentlemen,
Lily learnt the in's and out's of movie star, Aaron Echolls' bed,
which would ultimately result in an ashtray to her head.

Along the way to this result,
Veronica learnt why her rapist had to bolt.

In a series of catastrophic events,
it had been Duncan who had commited the offence.

Months later senior year began with a splash,
as the schoolbus carrying Meg did crash.

It became apparent that the love Veronica and Logan did share,
Needed months, weeks, and days for it to repair.

Enter Duncan Kane,
Who found Veronica's love all too easy to attain.

In the end it was Meg who placed a wedge,
between them sending Veronica off the edge.

As Duncan ran with his newborn to Mexico,
Veronica's life was filled with overwhelming woe.

Just as things for Veronica started to die down,
Danger was lurking all around.

Graduation did begin,
just before Veronica's life began to spin.

Slowly learning that the accused,
was merely Beaver, slightly abused.

Urgently trying to call Mac to tell her the news,
Instead running into Beaver on the roof, enjoying the views.

Beaver came, his nice-side gone,
Blowing up the plane that Woody was on.

Saving the day, Veronica's life returned to status quo
unbeknownst of a rapist at Hearst who would soon be her next foe.

It was the girls of Lilith House whose protests,
showed Hearst was under distress.

Finally learning the identity of the rapists,
The route Veronica took was far from the safest.

Yet it was Parker's angry scream of 'RAPE!!',
That truly made it possible for Veronica's escape.

A lack of judgement in the air,
left the love of Veronica and Logan in despair.

As their love began to dwindle,
It was Logan and Madison's quick affair,
which proved too much for her to bear.

Breaking up for good,
Piz soon became the one Veronica truly understood.

Thanks to the secret society of The Castle,
Veronica now faced a new hassle.

A sex-tape of her began circulating the net,
Veronica began to spread regret.

Keith, trying to keep Veronica free,
ended up paying the ultimate fee.

All the risks her friends and family took,
Veronica seemed to just overlook.

In the end, our hero seemingly walked off,
all because of CW President Dawn Ostroff.

Thanks again for all the entries, and I hope you enjoyed the contest!