Tuesday, October 16, 2007

On the Glowy Box: Go Sox?

Shotgun! (Oh, Barney.)

Watched Last Night:
How I Met Your Mother: I thought some individual jokes stood up better than the episode as a whole, but who am I to complain? Those individual jokes were pretty funny! I loved Barney's intensely complicated strategy for winning the bet with Ted (and his spot-on imitation of practically every reggae song ever)--it's that sort of messing with our minds that makes this show great. I also really liked the "But" rule for set-ups. My "but" would clearly be "She's really great...but she's vegan." Also, what kind of psychopath pours milk in the cereal bowl first? Does the cereal not then float, preventing you from filling the bowl with it? Madness! I didn't really love Robin's plot this week (again), but whatev--this show is still legendary.

Chuck: I still love it! So wait, the DEA also has super-hot spies? For reals? (Although from what I've seen on this show and Alias, there are no non-super-hot spies.) I'm hoping we'll see Karina again--moral ambiguity always makes for an interesting character. So wow, Chuck reeeeally must have some Trust Issues, or some intense Bryce Issues, because he chose to trust Karina (she of the aforementioned moral ambiguity) over Sarah (she of the "Don't ever not trust me again!" speech in the previous episode). Whoops. And, um, can we get a little less Morgan? Please? For at least an episode or so? Regardless, Chuck is still rocking my socks.

The Bachelor: You can read my recap of The Bachelor here. But I'm not gonna lie to you, it was a pretty boring episode.

Will Watch or DVR Tonight:
(Descriptions from Zap2it.com's TV listings)

Reaper: Sam's request for time off is met with another vessel box, this one to capture the soul of a disgruntled magician who is killing people who do not appreciate his performance. The CW, 9 PM.

Boston Legal: Gen. Fitzgerald goes to the firm for help when the Army threatens to discharge him after he reveals his homosexuality; Carl asks Katie to assist a new associate in a custody battle over a 9-year-old bullfighter; Alan finds himself speaking gibberish. ABC, 10 PM.

Stupid baseball, pre-empting House... Like anyone really cares if Boston wins the pennant. (Okay, okay, I give! You care! But I'm still bitter...)


kp said...

HIMYM - I thought this ep was getting closer to what made the show so awesome last year. The first 3? have been disappointing to me. But you have a point that a lot of the jokes in the ep could have been "stand alone."

Chuck - Yeah, I didn't even know that the DEA had spy type agents, but you know, TV. Whatever. And of course, it had to be a hot chick. Of course! Somewhere else I was reading that Morgan was a Seth Green wannabe and I totally agree with that assessment. I don't have any bones to pick there though... I like the setup that Sarah and Chuck are getting closer, even though it's almost too obvious. The "Lisa. My middle name is Lisa." broke my heart a little.

And yeah, stupid baseball. =)

Liz said...

I just wish Morgan had more to do besides being a clingy doofus, I guess. I felt like he was moving in a certain direction in the episode where he helped Chuck fix all those computers, but then backslid into being pathetic last week.