Thursday, October 25, 2007

Grey's Anatomy: Wait, what?

Tonight's episode of Grey's Anatomy was jam-packed with tragedy, chainsaws, scandal, and an earless boy. Pretty quality stuff, if you ask me. Although I was left feeling like I misinterpreted last week's episode somewhat. After last week, I felt like the Gizzie train was grinding to a halt, only to be slapped in the face with it this week. Or tied to the tracks and run over with it, to avoid mixing metaphors.

All of a sudden, after Callie kind of outs them, it's widely acknowledged that George and Izzie are an actual couple? And that George and Callie's marriage is definitely over, with Callie moving out and everything? What did I miss? (And that's a serious question--I actually feel like I missed something between last week and this week.) At any rate, I am SO not on board. However, I did love Callie and Cristina's bonding moment in the OR. If anyone doesn't deserve to be cheated on and left at the altar, it's these two. Way to kind of become the strong woman you once were, Callie! Incidentally, I also liked McSteamy's noble offer to cheer Callie up, "Day or night...night in particular."

In a similarly disturbing storyline, Meredith has brought her mom's ashes into work, after kicking off the episode with a dream sequence even worse than the one that began last night's Private Practice. I have to say, I feel like flushing one's mom down the OR sink drain, while possibly a homage to where one's mom loved to be, is also pretty much the most passive-aggressive thing I've ever heard of. "You love operating more than taking me trick-or-treating? Well then you can just spend all eternity here! How's that?!"

I absolutely loved the earless boy subplot, though. Mostly because the earless boy was all kinds of awesome and adorable. In fact, he was just about as awesome and adorable as the guy who chainsawed off his own foot was not. Seriously, that's horrifying. Are they trying to top the needle in the eye thing from the other week? Because that's really, REALLY not something that needs topping.

And speaking of things that I don't quite get, did Derek not say that he'd wait for Meredith to be ready? I mean, I questioned that right after he said, "But if I meet someone else in the meantime..." But, how is starting to date other people waiting? By any definition of the word? Sigh. I suppose I should just be happy he's not dating Lexie. But still--their relationship is growing more and more confusing to me with each passing episode.

And while we're on complicated relationships, Eva/Rebecca is back to visit Alex, and apparently to sleep with him in the on call room! Ah, young love. Good for her for calling him on being a chicken, especially when he basically accused Izzie of the same thing last week. Also, it's totally uncool to fall asleep during a serious "where is our relationship going?" conversation, even (or especially) if it's after having sex. I also think it should be noted here that Alex has really hot arms, and should get some sleeveless scrubs, stat.

And oh, Bailey. Bailey, Bailey, Bailey. She's able to parent all the interns and residents, including George tonight, and give a kid ears, but she can't get home in time to see her baby in a Halloween costume. Which is disturbingly like what we've heard of Meredith's mother. In fact, almost exactly like what we heard of Meredith's childhood Halloweens. Are we to assume that it wasn't all black and white with Meredith's mom, either?

Other observations:

  • Shonda still knows how to bring the tragedy, as if there were any doubt. A dad having to pull the plug on his daughter to get her heart in a transplant? It takes a twisted mind to think of something that sad.
  • I don't know if last week's almost-fight whet my appetite, or what, but I kind of want to see Cristina and Dr. Hahn battle it out in a cage match.
  • Line of the week: After the chainsaw guy says it's crazy to walk through life without being in control of your own destiny, Grandpa Gilmore busts out with a thoughtful, "Hmm...I still think it's cutting off your foot with a chainsaw that's crazy." Damn that stroke, I'm really gonna miss him! Surgery is way cooler than psychiatry.
  • Who knew a story about digging up a dead cat could be so sweet? Lexie is very slowly growing on me.
So yeah, basically...I'm a bit confused about this week, but generally still optimistic. If we could just shake this Gizzie thing, I think this season would be off to a great start!


liylak said...

yeah, you weren't the only one who wondered if they missed something. like they just cut an episode or something.

i am interested to see callie/cristina develop.

kp said...

I half agree with your assesment on Gizzie - I thought they dropped into "being a couple" pretty quickly considering how "torn" George was last week, but Grey's and continuity aren't always so tight, you know? ;) On the other hand, it would have been annoying for Shonda to drag the Callie/George element for the entire season too.

I actually thought the ashes in the scrub sink was perfect.

The foot guy was totally done already on Nip/Tuck and was even more creepy and/or crazy if you can imagine.

Love love love Ava/Alex thing - totally made my week!

Actually between the ear boy and Ava/Alex, I could pretty much ignore the fact that this season feels like "filler" so far.

Liz said...

I'm interested to see Callie herself develop! She started out with so much potential, and very quickly went downhill.

Word on the "filler," KP. Though I'm enjoying it far more than I did last season's heavy actual plots, so yay filler, I guess...

kp said...

I'm not dissing on the "filler" exactly, just that it's not satisfying in the same way as the previous seasons have been for me. I like some "meat" in my plotlines. While I don't feel that way about other shows (ie Chuck, One Tree Hill), I think that Grey's writers really spoiled us in Seasons 1 and 2, so I automatically expect more.

RE: Callie - I love Callie/Sara Ramirez. I was just saying to a friend that I wonder if they work a song into it somehow for her, a la Bailey's lullaby (not the Chenoweth showstopper kind, def. not the show for that).

Liz said...

I saw Sara Ramirez in Spamalot, and holy crap is she wasted in this show. That lady has some mad comedic skillz, not to mention the mad belting skillz!

kp said...

You did?!? So jealous! I'm not really a Monty Python sort of girl, but she apparently stole the show - I remember reading some reviews, etc.

Liz said...

She was AWESOME. And totally unrecognizable if you know her as Callie.