Monday, October 22, 2007

On the Glowy Box: Blerg.

So I totally watched, oh, a zillion hours of 30 Rock this weekend. Yay, first season DVDs!

Watched Over the Weekend:
Desperate Housewives: Crabs are funny. Read my full review here.

Private Practice: From Wednesday. Yeah, this show has officially sucked me in and isn't letting go. I can't tell if it's actually getting better and more interesting, or if that's just the addiction talking. But man, I was really feeling for Addison when no one RSVP'd to her party. That's rough! (And no, I'm not even being sarcastic. That totally sucks.)

Ugly Betty: From Thursday. What a great episode! Ugly Betty does a great job being beautifully over-the-top, while still maintaining enough humanity for us to care for the characters. Bad-Ass Justin is such a real, heartbreaking response to his dad dying, but is still carried off in an entertaining way(Justin/young hoochie). I found Betty's mistaken writing class thievery to be a bit too cringy to watch, though, perhaps because Victor Garber terrifies me, much as I do love him. Also, "Ugly Willie" = Best Ever.

30 Rock: From Thursday. First off, yay, Steve Buscemi! Also, yay, "Vic Nightingale." Cookie jars are innately hilarious. And I totally think Dot-com should write TGS from now on, by the way. My favorite quote of the episode had to be, "You can't ask a bird not to fly. You can't ask a fish not to swim. You can't ask a tiger not to turn back into a Chinese dude at midnight!"

Viva Laughlin: From Thursday. More on this after I've seen last night's episode, but essentially, this show is a tragic waste of money, talent, and concept. And for the love of God, WHY on EARTH would they have the talent sing over the original vocals on the songs? WHY?!

Will Watch or DVR Tonight:
(Descriptions from's TV listings)

How I Met Your Mother: Ted's new girl is jealous because the story of how Ted met his friends is better than the story of how he met her. CBS, 8 PM.

Chuck: Chuck must decide if he should go against the U.S. government and his friends by helping a top Chinese spy with an unauthorized mission; Buy More forces Morgan into a sales competition that could cost him his job. NBC, 8 PM.

Heroes: In Ireland, a lost hero discovers that a mysterious woman (Kristen Bell!) is willing to kill to find him; Matt and an unexpected ally fly to Philadelphia to hunt down the "boogeyman"; Monica tries to come to terms with her new abilities. NBC, 9 PM.

Samantha Who?: Samantha discovers what she does for a living and tries to diverge from her old workaholic lifestyle. ABC, 9:30 PM.

The Bachelor: Brad takes one woman on a romantic gondola ride; four bachelorettes go to a pool party; one of the women gets a one-on-one date at a mansion; emotions run high at the cocktail party; Brad cuts two more women, one of whom makes an emotional exit. ABC, 10 PM.

I'm so behind on TV at this point that I may need to burn my DVR and start a new life for myself in a country with only two TV channels. We'll see. I blame the 30 Rock DVDs.


kp said...

I had an issue with my dvr last week and it freaked me out (upset me) -- red block of death: it CUT OUT the last 20-30 minutes of Grey's! -- so much that I watched everything on it - either actually watched or ff'ed through - and rebooted it this weekend. Not that I'm advocating that approach. ;)

Did you watch Alias - is that the source of your VG scariness-level?

Viva - I couldn't even make it through the first half hour. I was really disappointed. And I LOVE The Jackman.

DH - The scene with where Edie put it all together made the entire hour worth it for me; although the crab cakes appetizer - seriously, writers, could you hit us over the head any more?!?

Liz said...

Oh, man, that SUCKS! If I couldn't depend on my DVR to record things for me, how could I ever leave the house on weeknights? (Aaaand...that sounded really sad.)

I did, in fact, watch Alias. Spy Daddy = Bad. Ass. And yeah, I had to force myself to finish VL...just painful.

Hee hee, I though the crab cakes were funny. But then, I find crabs inexplicably hilarious. Possibly due to a shirt I once saw in a thrift store for a lobster/piano bar that had a cartoon of lobsters run amok in a piano bar with the caption, "Better a lobster on your piano than crabs on your organ."