Friday, October 05, 2007

On the Glowy Box: Presented in SeinfeldVision!

Let's all take a minute to thank the TV gods for 30 Rock's safe return to television, and to pray for a well-deserved ratings bump to go along with its well-deserved Emmy.

Watched Last Night:
Dirty Sexy Money: From Wednesday night. I'm kind of getting into this one, though not entirely, since the characters aren't exactly likeable. My favorite so far is definitely Tripp, but that's probably because I'm a little afraid of Donald Sutherland. After all, he did produce The Kiefer. I suspect this show will get more exciting as the mystery progresses, so it's staying on my schedule for now. Also, I love the brother who's a priest. "Wait, what's your Swedish name?" Ha!

30 Rock: By the Hammer of Thor, this show is still the highlight of my TV-watching week. While last night's episode didn't quite reach the comedic heights of a few of last season's episodes, it was still fantastic, and made even more so with the presence of Jerry Seinfeld. I loved the jokes at NBC's expense ("You're gonna buy NBC? You've got $4 million just lying around?" and "I like that you guys?"), and I'm pretty sure that America's Next Top Pirate would be 100% awesomer than Pirate Master. Also? Kenneth as Tracy's "office wife" = best ev. Let's keep our fingers crossed that America has caught on to the awesomeness!

The Office: You know, I'm just not loving the hour-long episodes as much as I thought I would. Still loving the show, but it just seems like jokes get pushed a little past their breaking point. The Office in half an hour is like a hilarious, awkward punch in the face. The impact wears off when you stretch the story to twice as long, so its more like a bunch of funny slaps in the face. Or something. That metaphor fell apart on me a bit, but you see what I'm saying? Keep it short and sweet, guys. That said, I really, really love what they're doing with Toby's character in the face of Jim and Pam's relationship. I also like that Ryan is emerging as a sort of villain, which this show hasn't ever truly had. And the episode had tons of hilarious moments (like, everything with Creed). So...really still awesome, but just a biiit too much in there.

Grey's Anatomy: You can read my full review here, but in a nutshell: Shut up, Meredith.

Will Watch or DVR Sunday night (I take Friday and Saturday nights off from TV):
(Descriptions from's TV listings)

Desperate Housewives: Lynette kicks Tom out of her chemotherapy sessions; Susan gets mistaken for a stripper; Bree attempts to steal a prize-winning recipe. ABC, 9 PM.

Not too much on Sundays for me, which is well and good, since I'm already behind on this week's shows! (And going out of town for the three-day weekend.)


Bruce said...

Enjoy your weekend. Thanks for all the posts and updates.

Liz said...

Thanks! Yeah, now that Lori is semi-retired and my coup is complete, I'm trying out some new features (time permitting) and hopefully updating the site's design sometime soon, so stay tuned... (And have a great weekend yourself!)

Bruce said...

Know you are away, but wondering if you have watched Reaper yet, and if so your comments. I have thoroughly enjoyed it, but as noted I loved the Loop and I was also a fan of Invasion and I do love Satan.... I mean shows about the supernatural. I think they need to choose either the family or the girl at work to develop with Sam. Pick one, not a little of both.

Liz said...

I've only seen the pilot, which I loved. Now that Eureka is over, I can slip Reaper into its slot and DVR it while I watch House, so I'll definitely be watching. Ray Wise is SO fantastic--he's enough to make anyone love Satan! I keep confusing it with Chuck, though--probably because they both work in Big Box stores.