Wednesday, October 03, 2007

On the Glowy Box: Shut up, Wilson

Man, I'm getting way behind already...

Watched Last Night:
Journeyman: From Monday night. I'm still on the fence with this show. While I appreciate the fact that you don't necessarily have to watch every week, since they're going with a "case of the week" style, I think it would be far more interesting if it focused more on the mystery of the time traveling itself. Thus, this one is being downgraded to "watch if I'm home" status.

House: I'm bringing back the House-ku, baby!

The new season rocks
Glad to see some fresh faces
But Wilson still sucks

Eureka: Read my thoughts on the fabulous season finale here.

Will watch or DVR tonight*:
Pushing Daisies: "Pie-lette" episode. Ned uses his unique ability to bring his childhood sweetheart back to life after her murder. ABC, 8 PM.

America's Next Top Model: The models get a lesson on perfecting their runway walk while wearing straitjackets; two contestants get into a heated argument; an edgy fashion photo-shoot on a rock-climbing wall; the judges send one model home. The CW, 8 PM.

Private Practice: Cooper hires someone to help Sam jump-start his new life as a single person; the doctors work with St. Ambrose Hospital's chief of staff to determine the cause of a baby's illness. ABC, 9 PM.

Bionic Woman: Jaime begins to learn how to balance the human and machine within her as she struggles with her new secret life while maintaining normality with her sister. NBC, 9 PM.

Dirty Sexy Money: Nick enlists the help of an airplane mechanic to try to figure out who killed his father; Juliet refuses to take part in an important family photo shoot; Tripp pressures Patrick to announce his candidacy for the Senate. ABC, 10 PM.

Life: Crews and Reese search for the killer of a newlywed whose husband is the No. 1 suspect; Crews revisits the scene of the crime that landed him in prison. NBC, 10 PM.

*Descriptions from's TV listings.

So...props to ABC for a solid Wednesday night lineup, I guess. I'm giving up on Gossip Girl, as you can see. It just didn't really grab me, surprisingly enough. Maybe I have a limit for trashy TV shows after all! (And from the look of it, there's no extra room on my plate Wednesdays.)


Colleen said...

....NO 30 ROCK!!!??!??!!!


Liz said...'s Wednesday. It premieres tomorrow night. At which point I'll be all up ons.

Colleen said...

crap >.< sorry, i have a lot on my mind.

Yeah megan is jazzed for the 30 rock premire and the pushing dasies premire on her birthday :)