Wednesday, October 10, 2007

On the Glowy Box: Wednesdays are In. Tense.

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Watched Last Night:
Reaper: I'll need a few more episodes to really make up my mind on this show, but I'm pretty disappointed with how it's progressed since the fantastic pilot episode. I love Ray Wise, and the Jack Black-type friend is very funny at times ("Never tell crazy that you were in it for the sex!"), but I feel like Reaper is sinking into the Freak 'o the Week formula without developing its characters enough to make even a formulaic show seem interesting (see: House). I don't care enough about Sam and Andi, and the demon plot didn't really grab me this week. (Possibly because I really, really hate bees.) I'm still watching and all, but I'm just saying, Reaper's season pass may be in danger.

House: On the other end of the spectrum, House continues to rock hardcore. I love (or love to hate) the House-like job applicant, I love the competition between applicants, and I love that this show can be so incredibly cynical, only to make me all teary later in the episode. (And then go back to being cynical--I loved how House imparted the results of his "experiment" to his patient in the morgue). Basically, I love this show. It's really breaking out of its mold this season with Cameron, Chase, and Foreman in the background (Foreman's character, especially, became far more interesting last night). However, one question: how did the guy manage to not take his pills? Was it on purpose, even though at that point he appeared to want to get better? And if so, did he intentionally kill his dog as well (NOT COOL)? Did he just somehow forget to tell the doctors that his dog ate them? How the hell does that happen?

Chuck: From Monday night. Love, love, love. And hey, Morgan actually kind of served a purpose in this episode! Between Morgan, Chuck's sister, and Captain Awesome, Chuck certainly has an intensely loyal posse. Which makes the contrast between his home life and his role as a tool for the CIA and NSA even more interesting. This show is way fun, right down to the awesome new theme song ("Short Skirt/Long Jacket," by Cake) and the rest of the music in general, come to think of it.

How I Met Your Mother: From Monday night. I wasn't feeling it quite as much as usual this episode (especially Robin's pointless plot), but I did like The Belt, Danica McKellar, the fact that both Ted and Barney choked their first time trying to "ride the tricycle," and Barney's narration of how Ted should seduce both of them. Otherwise, meh. Let's take the show back into "Slap Bet" territory, writers!

Will Watch or DVR Tonight:
(Descriptions from's TV listings)

Pushing Daisies: Ned suspects that there is more to the story when an automotive expert dies in an unusual hit-and-run accident; Chuck wants answers about how Ned brought her back to life. ABC, 8 PM.

America's Next Top Model: The women get a preview of their makeovers at a Beverly Hills, Calif., salon; the models participate in a runway challenge and pose in a jungle photo shoot; the judges send one model home. The CW, 8 PM.

Private Practice: Addison needs Pete's assistance in treating a newlywed couple with difficulty consummating the nuptials; Violet urges a patient to leave his wife; Cooper tries to figure out why four sisters have a mysterious illness. ABC, 9 PM.

Bionic Woman: The Berkut Group tasks Jaime to watch the daughter of a Canadian defense contractor; Jaime must decide if she will help the first bionic woman. NBC, 9 PM.

Dirty Sexy Money: A blackmailer surfaces and demands ransom for a sex tape featuring one of the Darlings; Patrick must end his affair with Carmelita; Brian's wife figures out that the "Swedish orphan'' he brought to live with them speaks English. ABC, 10 PM.

Life: Crews and Reese investigate a carjacking homicide; the victim's husband refuses to identify the suspect, allowing him to go free; Crews visits the detective who oversaw his murder investigation. NBC, 10 PM.

The Sarah Silverman Program: The authorities take Sarah's dog away. Comedy Central, 10:30 PM.

Best night of the cycle on Top Model, you guys. (Makeover night, in case you live in a cave.) And from the episode's title, it looks like someone's going bald... Can't wait!


vance said...

Um. Why do I even bother posting. You said it EXACTLY! (well, except Robin's pointless plot, I actually thought it ended up being the funniest part of the episode (Barney not withstanding)).

Chuck. LOVE.

Reaper. Not so much.


Liz said...

Ha, yeah, we do seem to be of the same mind oftentimes. :)