Wednesday, October 17, 2007

On the Glowy Box: Um...nothing.

Believe it or not, I didn't watch any TV last night! I know, right? Now I'm going to be all behind, especially considering I'm going to be TV- (and more importantly) DVR-less tomorrow night through Sunday afternoon. Sigh...

Will Watch or DVR Tonight:
(Descriptions from's TV listings)

Pushing Daisies: Another strange death leads Ned back to the site of Chuck's resurrection; pies laced with antidepressants brighten the lives of Aunt Lily and Aunt Vivian. ABC, 8 PM.

America's Next Top Model: The models learn how to pose with movement, first on a trampoline and then while being carried by an ice skater; in another photo shoot the contestants must pose as fashion gargoyles. The CW, 8 PM.

Private Practice: Addison invites her co-workers to a gathering, but no one responds; the wife of Violet's former boyfriend visits the clinic for treatment; Cooper counsels a lovesick young patient; Sam appears on a morning show to promote his book. ABC, 9 PM.

Dirty Sexy Money: Nick travels to an Italian vineyard to meet with a spy who may know about the death of Nick's father; Letitia confirms to Tripp that she had been unfaithful to him throughout their marriage; Jeremy struggles to keep his affair a secret. ABC, 10 PM.

Life: When a man is found dead in his home, Crews and Reese interview the neighbors, who each have theories as to who the killer is; Constance confronts Crews about their feelings for each other. NBC, 10 PM.

The Sarah Silverman Program: Sarah wagers that it's easier to be a black person in America than a Jewish person. Comedy Central, 10:30 PM.

And here's hoping I actually get to watch some of that tonight, instead of getting even more hopelessly behind.


vance said...

It's funny how in the states Tuesdays is the deadest night now but for us, I would say Wednesday is the night I'm allowed to go out and skip stuff. (and yet everytime I plan something or get tickets for something it lands on a Thursday night. ARGH)

Liz said...

Yeah, and you get to watch Pushing Daisies a night early, you lucky ducks!