Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Glowy Box Mailbag: It's back, baby!

Welcome back to the Glowy Box Mailbag! For those who don’t remember its brief existence many months ago, the Mailbag is a chance for Glowy Box to give back to you, the readers who randomly stumbled here from Google.

You see, Sitemeter gives us the referral links that brought you to Glowy Box. For Google users, this means we get to see what search term you used that led you to us, creepily enough. And it seems some Google searchers choose to actually type full questions in, instead of just keywords or search terms, as if they’re posing the questions to the Internet at Large. Which I find highly amusing. The Mailbag is all about answering those questions, because I’m nothing if not helpful, and we live to serve here at Glowy Box.

Q: What is up with the Dylan thing on Desperate Housewives

A: What IS up with the Dylan thing?! At first it seemed really important, but now it’s on the sidelines compared to whatever the heck happened in Chicago (another popular question, incidentally). We don’t know much, aside from the vague “a bad thing happened in this room” and “Dylan has no memory” stuff. But that’s not really a good answer, so I’ll start a reckless rumor: Katherine and Aunt Lily sold the real Dylan into white slavery years ago, and the current “Dylan” is an android that Katherine commissioned to deflect suspicion when they moved back to Wisteria Lane. Hence, no memory. (Yeah, I just saw Blade Runner again…what of it?)

Q: who played the earless boy on grey’s anatomy

A: Great question! That kid was all kinds of adorable and charismatic. And it’s a good thing, since trick-or-treating for ears could be seriously weird otherwise. Ryan was played by 10-year-old Dylan Minnette, who has also had parts on Saving Grace and Prison Break.

Q: why would brad womack pick bettina after her parents treated him so badly

A: Ah, a pair of Bachelor questions. If Google is to be believed, there are a lot of you out there who are curious about Bettina’s dad. According to the Washington Post, Bettina’s father is an architect in DC’s ritzy Georgetown neighborhood. According to Google, he used to be an Assistant Professor at the University of Maryland School of Architecture. And according to me, he’s kind of a jerk. As to why Brad still picked Bettina, I’d say he wanted the relationship to end on his terms, not hers. She and her family essentially rejected him, and his ego just wouldn’t let it go down like that. If you ask me, he’s keeping her around for another week so that he can reject her.

That’s all for this week…keep on Googling!