Friday, October 26, 2007

On the Glowy Box: Attention, sports fans!

Scrubs is back, and it's still awesome!

Watched Last night:
30 Rock: Did anyone else get the sense that Carrie Fisher played crazy a little too well? If you know what I'm sayin'? There's such a thing as too convincing... And how awesome was the page-off? That's what I love about this show--they throw in crazy things like that (and like Werewolf Bar Mitzvah) without playing them to death. Also, wow, they really let Alec Baldwin go to town on those impressions during therapy! Just when you think this show is the perfect showcase for his comic talents, you realize that it's barely scratched the surface. And dang, multiple H.R. Haldeman references? What demographic are they going for, here? (Actually, never mind...I think the answer to that question is "smart." And I'm all for it.) So basically, last night's episode was awesome, and I'm still not getting sick of the guest star parade. Though, of course, it does bring to mind an unflattering Will and Grace comparison.

Life: From last week. Okay, so I'm still getting caught up on Life, but I just wanted to say that I'm enjoying this show more each week. In case anyone was wondering.

Scrubs: I'm honestly just so glad it's back, I don't think I could say anything negative even if I wanted to. Read my review here.

Grey's Anatomy: Read my review of this somewhat confusing episode here.

Will Watch or DVR this Weekend:
(Descriptions from's TV listings)

Women's Murder Club: Jill takes a big risk to try to help a teenager whose mother was murdered; Lindsay considers dating again; Claire tries to bring the romance back into her relationship. ABC, 9 PM Tonight.

Desperate Housewives: Bob and Lee's front-yard water sculpture prompts the neighborhood association into action; Edie finds out about the affair Carlos is having with Gaby; the Solis' former gardener, John (Jesse Metcalfe), wants to rekindle his romance with Gaby. ABC, 9 PM Sunday.

Wow, is that seriously all that's on over the weekend? Bananas!


Colleen said...

Megan and i watched baldwin's impersonations bit with our mouths agape at the awesomeness. It was LITERALLY so funny we forgot to laugh. Totally blew our mind-grapes.

Liz said...

Aaaaand, the expression "that totally blew my mind grapes" is now officially in my vocabulary. Nice one.