Thursday, November 01, 2007

America's Next Top Model: A clip show already?

Well, folks, it's that time again! Instead of bring us a new episode filled to the brim with crazy photo shoots and bitchy goodness, we've got a stale clip show with a smattering of new tidbits. LAME. And early this year, too! What did we learn? Not much, really.

It seems like a couple major segments of episodes were cut out, including a "Fashion Checkpoint" in the final audition round, where Miss Jay inspected the girls' luggage before they could get on the cruise ship, throwing away the offensive clothes into the "Fashion Trash." Fashion Trash? That's the best they could come up with? During this bit, we also learn that one of the finalists was missing a front tooth. Yeah.

The other biggie was a conversation between Tyra, "Dani," Dr. Laura Polis (a supposed expert, though Google doesn't seem to believe it), and the contestants about the pressure to lose weight in the modeling industry. "Dani," apparently, was told to lose weight immediately after moving to New York. She called Tyra, who was angry that they were asking a skinny girl to lose weight, and helped "Dani" figure out a plan. Which, apparently, was to lose the weight. But "healthily." What?! Sigh. Most of the girls say that they wouldn't lose the weight in a similar situation (which I don't buy for a second), though Bianca says she'd do whatever it took to get the job. Props for the honesty, Bianca. But damn, this industry sucks. And this is a pretty huge segment to cut, ANTM producers. What the hell?

The rest of the new clips generally involved Jenah being immature and harassing her housemates, and Bianca fighting with people (though it sounds like she lost her bad attitude at about the same time she lost her hair). My favorite: Ebony tries to intimidate a fellow semi-finalist by pulling out the "I'm not here to make friends" line in, like, the first five minutes. Bianca, overhearing this, calls Ebony "corny." HA! And wow, they REALLY did Bianca a favor when they shaved her head.

Other clips of note: Bianca ran into a glass door, very much like a bird. You can actually see her faceprint on the glass, eye and all. It's hysterical. Jenah chipped her tooth on the swimming pool, and has to go to the dentist to get it fixed, making me flash back to Joanie and her "I've been at the dentist for TWELVE HOURS" clip. However, Jenah's experience is quick and painless, so really, the opposite of Joanie's.

That's it! Next week: Music video goodness.