Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The 2006 Geiger Awards, Day 3

Most Improved Show: Veronica Mars. After a so-so senior year of high school, Veronica has bounced back in her freshman year at college, thanks to some crunchy bite-size mysteries and cool new friends, even though one of her old friends is never around and one of her new friends is dead. We'll miss you, Dean O'Dell.

Least Improved Show: Gilmore Girls. If you've been watching, you probably thought that it couldn't do any worse than last season, and then you were proven wrong by this season. If you haven't been watching, you are a smart person.

Dead Before Its Time: Arrested Development. [Inconsolable wailing...] Yeah, we'll probably never get over this one.

Pull the Plug, Already: 7th Heaven. It seemed as if it was done when the WB went off the air, but the CW invited this undead show into its lineup. If someone doesn't stake it soon, it'll be back next season. If only the WB and UPN hadn't canceled Buffy!

Worst Storyline: The Applewhite saga, Desperate Housewives. What a waste of Alfre Woodard.

Best Music: Scrubs. Zach Braff won a Grammy for putting good music together, so he and everyone else on that show know what they're doing.

Best Reason to Suck it up and Pay for Showtime, Already: Weeds. Trust us, the pot-dealing suburban mom premise isn't too good to be true. And for the still-skeptical cheapskates, we hear Dexter's pretty good, too.

Most Awkward Set: Grey's Anatomy. Onscreen, everyone's having sex with each other, crying during said sex, cutting each other's LVAD wires, having slap fights with each other, etc. Offscreen – well, if you don't know what happened offscreen, I'd advise you to crawl out from under that rock. Sure, Shonda says they're still a big happy family, but didn't you ever wonder why Doc the dog is gone? Isaiah Washington probably choked him and then outed him.

Biggest Shock: Irina was evil the whole time!, Alias. See, Jack was right to kill her that one time!