Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Boston Legal: I Do Love Me Some Shat

Oh, how to describe last night's Boston Legal? We've got singing white supremacists (twin girls, no less), the Pro-Ana movement (and the amusingly punnish - yet scary in actuality - term "thinspiration"), Adele Webber trying to sue God (and failing at that, a cell phone company), and Clarice/Clarence (now working for Claire Simms). Awesomeness all around.

I am, however, a little uncomfortable with Claire forcing Clarence to be someone he's obviously not. Why shouldn't he be able to be Clarice? And I missed the first episode, but didn't the firm originally meet Clarice when she was suing for sexual discrimination? Wouldn't offering her a job contingent upon her dressing as a man fall under the discrimination umbrella? It'll be interesting to see where they go with this, at any rate, especially since Clarence has passed the bar and appears to have actual legal skills (although come on, like suing the cell phone company is that hard to figure out).

As far as the singing white supremacist case went, I expected to see Shirley in a Playboy bunny suit at the end of the episode from the get-go, because that was a totally winnable bet for Alan. I mean, yeah, it's incredibly horrible to raise your kids in such a hate-filled way (and where do they get off claiming they're not racists?), but damn, once you get the government removing people's children for ideological purposes, things get really dicey. And besides, I don't even think the court is allowed to take away the children of cultists if they aren't being abused or neglected, so it didn't really seem like they would have much of a chance in this case, either. That said, what a couple of creepy little twin racists. Ugh! America is a BEAUTIFUL RAINBOW, bitches!