Friday, December 22, 2006

The 2006 Geiger Awards, Day 5

Happy Holidays, everyone! Lori and I will be posting more sporadically until after New Year's or so, but hey, it's all reruns anyway, right? Now that that's taken care of, on to the last day of the Geiger Awards:

The Ross and Rachel Golden Earplugs for Squee Heard ‘Round the World: Josh and Donna, The West Wing. With six or seven years of unresolved sexual tension leading up to it, it's surprising Josh and Donna's hookup didn't cause mass rioting or something, like after the Bulls win the NBA championship (or some more current sports reference...).

CoverGirl Outlast Lipshine Award for Best Kiss: Jim and Pam, The Office. Well-played, The Office. The lead-up, kiss, and aftermath were perfectly done.

Blistex Award for Most Uncomfortable Kiss: Michael and Oscar, The Office. We were actually cringing so much that we didn't even see most of the kiss. The Office has set a new standard for uncomfortable moments on television.

The Inaugural Janice Dickinson Award for Craziest Bitch: Janice Dickinson, The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency. She'd totally kick our asses if we didn't give this one to her. Which only proves she really deserves it.

The Lone Gunmen Memorial Golden Console for Most Helpful Nerd: Mac, Veronica Mars. Sure, she's been gone most of this season, but she made her return in style.

The Judas Iscariot Award for Suckiest Friend: Wilson, House. You suck, Wilson.

The Joe Friday Memorial Award for Best Narrator: J.D., Scrubs. Unlike certain other narrators, J.D.'s musings actually add something to the show besides simple exposition.

The Captain Obvious Award for Most Expository Narration: Mary Alice, Desperate Housewives. If you can't say anything useful, don't say anything at all.

The Will and Grace Award for Craziest Stunt Casting: Patty Hearst, Veronica Mars. The layers of meta in this casting boggle the mind. Now if only she could act...

Saddest: Buster.