Tuesday, December 12, 2006

America's Next Top Model: Get Your Very Own Pocket Melrose!

In "I kind of can't believe this isn't a joke" news, the CW has announced that they will pair up with Artificial Life, Inc. to launch a cell phone game based on America's Next Top Model. Oh, that's right. Because what could be better than Melrose on your TV but Melrose on your cell phone, too?

To play the "America's Next Top Model" game, players select a virtual representation of his/her favorite and least favorite contestants from the show. The main task is for users to interact with these selected virtual characters -- known as avatars -- as if they were real participants of the TV show. This means players must foster their avatar's modeling career through training and various challenges. The selection of the least favorable character allows players to play tricks on her.

Tricks, eh? Intriguing, CW. Intriguing. Even better, though, would be a little "feed me" button, where you could make the models eat pizza and fettuccine alfredo until they looked like healthy human beings. Oh, and then a little Janice Dickinson avatar to call them fat and worthless. That would be the true America's Next Top Model experience, and $5.99 well-spent.


Colleen said...

The comic Sluggy Freelance, before i dropped off reading it completely, had a running gag about a modern video game for playstation2/xbox/whatever designed to appeal to women called Fashion Rancher. It involved running a modeling/fashion design agency while balancing a relationship and personal life. There was some joke about the hardest part of the game being fending off rabidly hungry models if you didnt give them enough celery sticks, or something.

Liz said...

Haha, it's funny 'cause it's true. Although in real life I guess they couldn't put up much of a fight since they're so weak with hunger. But that's much less funny.