Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Ratings Roundup: It's a Christmas Miracle!

Last week's Scrubs managed a 4.0/10 with 8.38 million viewers, and matched its highest 18-49 target demographic rating in more than two years! [Cue Christmas-appropriate "HAAAAlelujah" singing] Bill Lawrence might be writing for the fans, but I'm in it to win it, baby!

As an added bonus, 30 Rock followed with its highest rating yet, 3.2/8 with 6.84 million viewers. Keep it coming, guys!

In more perplexing news, so far this season CBS is besting ABC in the 25-54 demographic, and while ABC and NBC came in first and second respectively in the 12-34 demographic, I still feel like ABC should be beating CBS with 25-54-year-old viewers. What the hell? Is this just CSI's influence? Because aside from CSI and How I Met Your Mother, what other shows do youngish people watch on CBS? Not NCIS, I can tell you that. Eh, whatever. I'll just bask in my Scrubs-y victory.


Anonymous said...

have you seen this christmas miracle yet?

Liz said...

Yep--I linked to it in a post last Friday. SO AWESOME!!!