Friday, December 08, 2006

ScrubsWatch '06: It's a Girl!

Welcome, Isabella! No "boy boy boy very tall boy" for Turk this time around, I guess. Does anyone else wish they had a giant toy unicorn to sit on when they had tough decisions to make? I'd name mine Starlite, after Rainbow Brite's horse. I'd be all, "Starlite, what do you think? Pancakes or waffles?" It'd be sweet.

I'm kinda bummed the "band" wasn't Ted's band (they could sing the "Chili's Babyback Ribs" jingle again, and it would be even MORE inappropriate!), but I'll settle for a drumline, I guess.

How impressive was it that J.D. and Kim actually had a (semi-) serious discussion about abortion? Most network shows try to get street cred by bringing it up, even though they mostly just talk about scheduling a "procedure" or making "the appointment," and then cop out by giving the character a miscarriage or something (Grey's Anatomy, I'm looking at you). Even though it doesn't look like J.D. and Kim are going to go that route, which is obviously fine, I think it's great that they acknowledged the option, the reasons for it, and the fact that Jordan had an abortion years ago and still considers it a good decision. The writers even let the pro-life side of the debate in with the talking Jesus! I'm all for a thoughtful, real conversation while maintaining the funny, irreverent Scrubs sense of humor. So much love for this TV show right now!

UPDATE: Even with My Name Is Earl instead of The Office as a lead-in, Scrubs improved over last week's overnight ratings (4.9/7) with a 5.1/8 for last night. It probably didn't hurt that Grey's Anatomy was a rerun, but I'll still consider this a Scrubs victory. Not that we care about ratings, anyway.

And now, the Best Thing Ever: Holiday Edition. It's A Charlie Brown Christmas, performed by the entire cast of Scrubs! You just...REALLY have to watch it. Really. Words cannot describe its greatness. It's HYSTERICAL. A very, very special thanks to Televisionary for the tip.

I'm incredibly impressed with how well they matched up the dialogue with the characters' mouths! Also, best use of weird character movements ever: "But I like urinating my name in the snow. [Charlie Brown rummages around in pocket] Almost as much as I like touching myself!" Ah, fabulousness.


Anonymous said...

hmm... I felt Grey's seemed to brush over abortion too back a season ago (wait. was that last season? only?).

Liz said...

I think it was toward the beginning of last season. They obviously had to consider it, given the character, but it was very "I made the appointment to get it taken care of oops now I don't have to," which I felt was kind of a cop out. I mean come on, you at least have to say "abortion" a couple times to make it a conversation about abortion!

Colleen said...

That. Was. Incredible. BEYOND incredible!

And yeah my mom was one of those who was like, "Ooh...greys anatomy is a rerun. I guess babies on scrubs will satisfy my need for medical drama."

Im real behind on scrubs, but that episode was fantastic. I LOLed MULTIPLE times.

Liz said...

Yeah, that video was pretty much the best birthday present evah. Happily, now that I have a DVR I no longer need to choose between Scrubs and Greys...I can watch both!

They're showing tons of Scrubs reruns on Comedy Central, plus here they're on "My Network TV" and WGN, so maybe you have them on other stations where you are, too, so you can get caught up!

Lori said...

Oh my God. I love this show so much. So, so much.

Julie said...

I love that you love Rainbow Brite. You win.

Liz said...

Yes, my true ambition is to bring color and happiness to the world :) Right now, that color and happiness is in the form of Scrubs love!