Friday, December 01, 2006

ScrubsWatch '06: Happy Post-ScrubsDay!

I hope everyone enjoyed the delicious, delicious two hours of comedy NBC provided for us last night! While it obviously wasn't the strongest episode of Scrubs ever (how could it be, with all those plotlines to resolve?), I think it provided plenty of great Scrubs moments, and good introductions to the characters for all those new viewers I really, really hope tuned in last night. According to Zap2it, Scrubs scored a solid 4.9/7, which, considering its competition, is nothing to sneeze at.

My favorite moment? "I punched a whale. Right in the face." AWESOME. That made the whole heavy-handed "seeing ourselves in our patients" bit worthwhile. I also loved that J.D. managed to impregnate a woman without actually having sex with her. That's J.D.

Bill Lawrence did a Q&A/Live Blog last night, and revealed some interesting information. Apparently, NBC made them drop an episode on medical marijuana: "[W]e replaced it with an episode with a dying patient paying a whore for sex, which apparently was just fine with the NBC censors." Nice.

His favorite shows are Lost, The Office, and The Amazing Race right now, but Clone High used to be one of his favorites. For those unfamiliar, Clone High was an animated show on MTV about clones of historical people in high school (long story). Bill Lawrence was a producer, and much of the Scrubs cast did voices. It was hilarious. And according to Bill, "Chris Miller and Phil Lord, the two guys I created Clone High with, have a huge new animated movie coming out soon." Sweet!

Bill also talked about his favorite prank:

For those of you who don't know, Zach is embarrassed by his celebrity. So, I put license plates on his car that said "TV DOC" and had dollar signs around them. He didn't notice until days later at a restaurant valet stand, when everyone was looking at him like he was a complete tool. I feel retribution is coming this year.

Now that's a quality prank. Check out the rest of the Q&A here.

Entertainment Weekly has a great interview with Donald Faison on their website. He talks about who on the cast you can and can't make fun of:

Neil Flynn is a big man. I think he plays the janitor for a reason, because there's that dark side to Neil. He's a sweetheart, but you know that you don't want to touch Neil. None of us make fun of Judy [Reyes, who plays Carla] either. These are the people you can always make fun of: Zach, Sarah [Chalke, who plays Elliot] and Donald. Everybody else, you pretty much stay away from. Johnny, nobody makes fun of. Nobody makes fun of Ken. Always comes down on us three.

And how he'll forever be leashed to Turk's awesome, awesome "Poison" dance:
You know what sucks about that though? When I go to a club now, ''Poison'' comes on. I'm with castmates, and it's like they're waiting for me to start doing the dance I did on the show. And that's crazy, you know? Like if you go to a club, and Puffy's there, you play Puffy songs all night long, or if you go to a club, and Jay-Z's there, they'll play nothing but Jay-Z. I go to a club, and ''Poison'' comes on. And all eyes turn onto me. I heard that the cat from Napoleon Dynamite came to a party, and they put on that song from the end of the movie, and he did the whole frickin' dance, in the middle of a circle.

Apparently he made the dance up himself, and it only took two takes! Catch the rest of the interview here.

And I saved the best for last: NBC has put one of the songs from the musical episode up on YouTube! "Guy Love" is totally hysterical (J.D.: "It's like I married my best friend..." Turk: "But in a totally manly way!"), and also a pretty quality song. I'm especially impressed with the harmonizing. Way to go, guys!


Lori said...

I love how they say they're doing the show for the fans now. As a fan, I totally appreciate it.

Also, 30 Rock got picked up for a full season, so that's good news for good comedy. Take that, Kevin Bright!

Liz said...

Yeah, the rest of TV might be going to hell in a serial drama-shaped handbasket, but at least we have Thursday nights on NBC...