Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Even the Producers Guild Hates Scrubs

Well, the Producers Guild of America awards nominations are in, and Scrubs is notably missing from the list. Again. ("But it WAS nominated last year," you say. Nope, just a backup nominee once PGA realized Curb Your Enthusiasm wasn't actually eligible, according to Variety. Totally doesn't count.) Another bizarre oversight: The Daily Show was not nominated for the Variety TV award, even though it won the Emmy this year. Hrm. Goes without saying that Veronica Mars got no recognition, I suppose. I guess we're all used to that by now. Although, as with Scrubs, it still chafes a little. (Not that I really know how you can tell a show is well-produced just by watching it. Do they just go by general quality, or rumors of how things work behind-the-scenes?)

In happier news, Arrested Development was nominated for the comedy award! Oh, and one of the producers nominated for The Amazing Race is nicknamed "Screech." Heh. Other Glowy Box favorites nominated this year: Grey's Anatomy and House for drama, The Office and Weeds for comedy, and Project Runway for Non-Fiction TV (up against, among other shows, 60 Minutes. How random is that?). Click here for a full list of nominees.


Anonymous said...

Am I the only person who finds Curb Your Enthusiasm truly unfunny? I mean, give Cheryl Hines an award because she is the best part of the show, but Larry David being annoying is not funny, it's just annoying.

Liz said...

Not at ALL. To be fair, I've never actually made it through an episode, though, because I find Larry David so obnoxious.