Friday, December 08, 2006

30 Rock: NewsRadio for the Aughts

30 Rock just gets funnier every time I watch it. With every new episode, I laugh a little bit longer and a little bit harder at the jokes (my favorite this week: "Past Pete is going to kill Future Pete!"). And it just makes sense, because, as I've realized, 30 Rock is what you would get if you put Scrubs and NewsRadio in a supercollider. From NewsRadio, my favorite show of all time, you've got the basic dynamic: staff of nitwits, insane sensei of a boss, semi-straight man caught between them. And, like Scrubs and pretty much all of the best comedies on TV right now (including every other NBC comedy in its block), there's the completely surreal, off-the-wall humor. NewsRadio was zany in its way, too, but compared to the current trend of madcap sitcoms, it's practically Veronica's Closet. Not even the space episode had the same nonstop insanity of blue shmoos, "mind grapes," and Dr. Spaceman. So well done, 30 Rock, although you have a long way to go before you can pass NewsRadio in my estimation.


Anonymous said...

I've been taping 30 Rock but haven't had time to catch up yet, but I watched last weeks and this weeks and I have to say, uh... it's kinda funny but after Scrubs, seems much weaker by comparison. I still enjoy it though and Alec Baldwin is pure genius and they need to add more of the PA dude. Still, what show is Tracy Morgan/Jordan on? He's funny in a completely different way than the rest of the show but I'm not sure I like it.

Colleen said...

Yeah im really impressed by it. Im actually paying attention, instead of just leaving it on. I can see how its getting more and more of an arrested development edge.

And yeah, past pete is going to kill future pete was brilliant.