Thursday, December 07, 2006

ScrubsWatch '06: It's Baby Time!

Tonight on Scrubs: "My Best Friend's Baby's Baby and My Baby's Baby."
From NBC's description:

Carla goes into labor and an excited Turk strikes up the band -- literally -- while escorting her to the hospital, but he still feels upstaged by Elliot's attempts to make Carla more comfortable. A scheme to make himself look like the hero backfires and Turk is in jeopardy of missing the birth of his child. Lucky for him the whole thing is mistakenly being broadcast over the hospital's closed circuit TV. Meanwhile, J.D. and Kim (Elizabeth Banks) contemplate their future and the future of their child.

"Strikes up the band," eh? I hope that means Ted's band will be in the episode!

In other Scrubs-related news, the ratings for last week were pretty positive: a 3.6/9 in viewers aged 18-49, which is up 9% for the key demographic from NBC's season average for the timeslot. There were 7.7 million viewers total, which makes last week's episode the highest-rated Scrubs for the key demographic AND total viewers since February 28th last season. Yay! And hopefully NBC will stick with this timeslot for a while, and give Office-lovers the chance to get into Scrubs, too.

Lisa de Moraes, however, isn't feeling the love. She named Scrubs among her losers for the week:
NBC's much-moved sitcom continues its slow, sad descent into irrelevance, with just 7.7 million watching its return to the lineup on Thursday. That's its smallest fall debut ever, beating the previous low of 8.5 million in '04 when the show returned early, allegedly to bask in NBC's Summer Olympics ratings halo.

Um, yeah. First off: Is she really counting this as a "fall debut"? It was NOVEMBER 30TH--after sweeps! Come ON! Just because the weather was freakishly warm doesn't make it fall...viewers are already pretty set in their schedules by now. Eh, you know what? I'm not even going to bother. If being part of the best block of comedies in years is "irrelevance," then I hope Scrubs revels in it. The quality of the show has only gone up as the writers have stopped writing for ratings and started writing for the fans, anyway. So there.

Last but not least, Sarah Chalke is engaged! She'll be marrying her longtime boyfriend Jamie Afifi, an entertainment lawyer. Congratulations, Sarah! That's all for today, but don't forget to watch Scrubs tonight at 9 PM on NBC!