Friday, December 08, 2006

Happy Liz Day!

Today is the birthday of my distinguished co-blogger, the smart, outspoken, fabulous Liz! She'd be a terrible teammate on The Amazing Race, what with her crippling veganism and her unfortunate tendency to be kind to animals, but as a co-blogger, she's the best. Happy birthday, Liz!


Bob said...

HAppy Birthday Liz!...even though its not your birthday yet on the west coast.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Liz!

liylak said...

Woooo Birthday! Go be kind to some animals.

Liz said...


And hey, I'd be a great TAR racer if my partner liked gross meat products. I'd be all over the jumping out of planes and shaving my head and stuff. Although to be fair, I also have no sense of direction and hate to drive...hmm...but I can read maps pretty well, and oxen would never break around me! I call it a wash.

Shut up, dammit, it's my birthday, I can be deluded if I want!