Friday, December 01, 2006

Grey's Anatomy: If Cristina Were My Family, I'd be Dark and Twisty, Too

Last night's Grey's Anatomy was about choosing your family, and ratting out your friends. Or something to that effect. More importantly, there was absolutely no Meredith/McDreamy action. At all. It was actually pretty refreshing.

It's TremorGate: The Aftermath, and Bailey's looking for some justice to rain down upon Cristina and Burke. Because those who make Bailey doubt herself deserve to be swallowed up into the pits of hell. Or, at the very least, the Pit, where they will be forced to do minor procedures until the end of time. Izzie and Alex are also pretty bitter at Cristina, until Meredith reminds them that Cristina helped them out in their times of need. George, however, never did receive such help from Cristina, and thus is still angry. The anger could also be because Cristina was gonna let a guy with a tremor cut open his dad's heart. Happily, though, Dr. Hahn does a fine job, and George's dad makes it through the surgery.

Since it's Family Week at Seattle Grace, Meredith's half-sister shows up for an emergency C-Section. Meredith, however, chooses Cristina as her family, and totally blows off her dad's new wife. Cristina, for her part, chooses to stick with Burke as McDreamy tries to rebuild him and make him stronger. Izzie doesn't really choose any family, but she does have a brief moment of glory standing up to McSteamy, his chauvinism, and his coffee demands. Go, Izzie! But wait--what's this? She later caves in, gets him coffee, and is rewarded by being able to scrub in on a crazy conjoined twin separation surgery. I'm not really sure what the message is there...