Monday, February 12, 2007

Desperate Housewives: Sabotage!

Before I get into what happened last night on Desperate Housewives, is anyone else starting to like Andrew more and more as the weeks go by? Because I totally am. Although I’m a bit confused as to how he went from wacko/sleeping with his mom’s boyfriend and getting kicked out of the house to total defender of all things Bree. Does he have an angle I don’t know about? At any rate, I completely loved his smirking “Dude, not cool” bit when Austin got busted by Lynette.

So let’s see…what do we have? On the mystery front, Orson confesses to Bree (unheard by us) about what happened the night of Monique’s death. Mike, thanks to a little hypnotherapy (how handy!), remembers that Orson was totally there the night of Monique’s death, and Mike was just an innocent plumber who happened to stumble upon the aftermath and retrieve his (apparently) bloody wrench. Mrs. Hodges traps Alma in a closet and lures Bree onto a sabotaged ladder, landing her in the hospital. Man, Orson’s mom is WAY too invested in Orson’s and Alma’s relationship.

On the cradle-robbing front, Zach gets Gabrielle’s date to call her old, and reaps the ensuing drunken rewards. Which are so far just cuddling, but promise to descend into much creepier territory next week. Ew.

On the Pizzeria of Almost-Certain Failure front, Tom proves that while he does have a bit of management sense, he’s also rather immature and in constant need of reassurance that Lynette’s not the boss of him. Dude, Lynette’s TOTALLY the boss of you. For reals.

On the awkward funerals front, Susan attends Ian’s wife’s funeral and, shockingly, manages to turn it into The Susan Show. And gets a semi-proposal out of it. FYI, Susan, Mike would never propose to you in an embalming room. A prison visiting room, maybe. But I’d take “No touching!” over dead bodies any day as far as romantic proposals go.