Thursday, February 15, 2007

Glowy Box Mailbag

We may not receive much mail here at Glowy Box HQ (and we certainly don’t receive enough hot nekkid pictures), but we do get quite a few Google referrals. And sometimes, those referrals come in the form of a question. Since people typing actual questions into search engines cracks me up (“O mighty Google, who will win Dancing with the Stars?”), and since I desire nothing more than being helpful to our readership, I decided to answer some of those Google-referred questions. Thus, our inaugural Glowy Box Mailbag, from the best five questions posed in the last two days:

Q: what episode does Turk Donald Faison dances Poison

A: I give you a D+ for grammar, but an A+ for taste. That Poison dance is pretty much the Greatest Thing Ever. You can find it in the episode “My Half-Acre,” (episode nine of season five) or online here.

Q: who played hannah on House on last nights episode

A: Now that’s just lazy Googling—haven’t you ever heard of IMDB? I’m going to help you help yourself here, because if you teach a person to fish, he or she will never come back asking easily-answered questions again. Step one: Go to Step two: Search for House. Step three: Go to the latest episode’s cast listing. Step four: Profit.

Q: grey’s does izzy save the guy under the car

A: Ah, see, this is an example of using Google as some sort of oracle, rather than as a source for actual information. I’m not sure my psychic powers are completely tuned up today, but let me give it a shot: She doesn’t save the completely crushed, practically dead guy under the car, but ends up learning a valuable lesson about life and death. And yet, somehow, his friends aren’t consoled by that fact.

Q: what kind of purse does veronica mars carry

A: A brown one? Sorry, I don’t really know fashion.

Q: is austin from grease gay

A: I’m actually getting more of a “creepy child molester” vibe than a gay vibe, but that could just be me... Also, I really hope you aren’t asking because you’re actually buying into that “Hot Danny” stuff, because like I said: CREEPY.

That’s it for this Mailbag…thanks for all the great questions and I’m sorry I don’t have psychic powers, random Google searchers!


Lori said...

Hey, yeah, where are the hot nekkid pictures? Maybe we should ask Google...